Monday, 22 March 2010

Wow! What an Honour!!

To our great surprise and honour, we were given the Beautiful Blogger award by Jacqueline's Cat House ... Tiny and I are both very touched because we haven't been at this blogging thing too long so we aren't always sure we are doing it quite right. This nice award does make our paws warm and our hearts go 'flip, flip, flip' (like the wings of a butterfly!).


The rules are very simple: we are to list 7 things about us then offer the award to 7 beautiful bloggers. Here goes:
  1. Tiny was originally given the name 'Jezinka' because she had to have a 'J' name and being that my husband is Czech, he chose Jezinka because a 'jezinka', in Czech fairy tales, is a fairy that has green eyes and lives in the woods. A jezinka, if she loves you, will protect you and be loyal to you, however, if she doesn't like you, out!! Tiny is truly a good jezinka to her Mom.
  2. Lautrec was given the name Lautrec (even though his birth and paper name is 'Emmanuel') because he just didn't seem like an 'Emmanuel' to his Mom and Dad so they searched for a name that would suit him. Because Lautrec is slightly cross-eyed (in French: 'il louche', or if saying it to him directly: 'tu louche') ...Mom and Dad would say to him 'tu louche' which sounds sorta like Toulouse and since Mom is fond of the French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec it was decided that Emmanuel would be called Lautrec because being reminded that he is cross-eyed is not very nice, but to be named after a wonderful painter is!!
  3. Purely by chance, a word that sounds similar to Lautrec in Czech is 'lotr' (pronounced: LOW-ter) which is someone who is mischievous...and there are often times when Lautrec is a real Lotr!
  4. Tiny was born in France to a Abysinnian father (Tiny's son resembled him almost perfectly!) and a Balinese mother of which Tiny got nothing if not just a couple of extra stripes. Tiny's mother had big, blue eyes and long hair and looked like Balinese cats do.
  5. Tiny has spent a total of 12 (Mom thinks) nights up trees...the longest time up a tree was when she was stuck 25 meters up a tree over a marsh (read: inaccessible by ladder or any other normal method) for 8 nights in the cold month of October. Because she refused to come down of her own accord, Mom and Dad had to ask a tree 'surgeon' friend to climb the tree and get her. When he reached her, she wanted to go higher, but thankfully, he grabbed her. She did not want to come down peacefully, so Mom told the man to drop her. Tiny fell the 25 meters with paws out and prepared and her tail 'guiding' her...when she hit the ground, she bounced and ran a couple of meters. She had not one scratch! But she was very happy to be back on the ground again and to have some food!! Since then, she has pretty much stayed away from tall trees.
  6. Lautrec still recognises his first beanMom and beanDad every time he sees them and will willingly go to them and give them love. Isn't that sweet?!
  7. Lautrec and Tiny both have a pretty good vocabulary and in 3 languages...they know:
  • 'Manger' French for 'to eat' and will perk up immediately if this word is spoken;
  • 'Chicken' no explanation necessary!;
  • 'tady' which means 'here' (as in 'come here' or 'look here') in Czech;
  • 'mouche' which means the insect 'fly' in French;
  • 'Dolu' which means 'down' (as in 'get down!') in Czech;
  • 'promenade' which, of course, means 'walk' in French;
  • 'dehors', again, in French for outside;
  • 'Kocicky' (pronounced: Ko-Cheech-ky) which, in Czech is the plural endearing form of cat;
  • 'Good'...they do know this word and react positively to it, but I think most of our cats and dogs do!!
NOW!! Our turn to give this award to 7 beautiful bloggers:

Everyone have a wonderful week and may flowers line all your paths and birds sing for you from morning until night..and may there be lots of chicken in your dishes and treats ready at hand and toys to keep you happy and busy!!


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Lautrec and Tiny!!!
Congrats on the well deserved award!!! What great information about you two. Tiny you win an award for the 'highest' experience!! That story was amazing. Happy Monday to you all,
Madi and Mom

Cat with a Garden said...

Concats on the award! Don't worry, there is no right or wrong in the CB. If you just are who you are you're doing it purrfectly right. Those are very interesting details about you. What fun getting to know you better!

Brian said...

It was so cool to learn about you and congrats on the very nice award!

Lucy the Cat said...

Congratulations on your award! You most defnitely have a beautiful blog. I loved reading more about you two, and I really love visiting you each day. Wow, Tiny, you've had some adventures in trees! I just love that picture of you two in the chair. Thank you so much for passing on this award to me. I will post on it later this week. Happy Monday!


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Lots of wonderful facts. Thanks for tagging us!

We are particularly impressed by your trilingual vocabulary!

Xanthe and Nishiko said...

It's so nice to find out more about you two and to know that you are so intelligent knowing all those different languages!

You'll have to do it all again as we are giving you another award because we think you two are so purr-tastic!

Please find it on our page. xxx

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on your award, you deserve it!!...We loved your list and were amazed by Tiny's 8 days in a tree=what a worry, we're so glad she doesn't do that anymore!!...We were also impressed with your vocabulary...Hope you guys have a great week...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Congrats on the award! That is awesome! And it was great to learn so much about you both!

Remington said...

Congrats! Well deserved!

SuziQCat said...

Congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it along to us. We'll be posting about it tomorrow...thanks friends!