Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sitting in the big, white bowl...the SUPER bowl?

WHOA!! Look Princess 2Shoes, the bathtub kinda looks like a big food dish!

 I think we should just sit inside of it and wait for Mom to come and fill it up with cat food for us!!

 Hi Mom! We're waiting for food...

 Yeah, Mom! Food! Here!

 Princess 2Shoes, I don't think Mom understands us..

 Hmmm...well, we'll just wait a little longer..

But Elioth, what if Mom doesn't understand us?

 Well, then I guess I'll just have to put the bitey on you, Princess 2Shoes!!

 Oh Elioth, KNOCK IT OFF!!

 So run off, ya baby!! 
And while you're there, go get some food and bring it back!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


We are not allowed outside. 
So we rule the house. It's normal.
We sleep anywhere we want to - in this case, the dog's kitchen bed.

 Makes us feel at least a tiny bit connected with the outside world...

 ...you know, with all the smells the dogs bring inside on their coats...

 Princess 2Shoes smells a little like 'dawg' though when we sleep here...

...so I HAVE to give her the bitey!!
(Cuz that's what I do to Ginger - well! Ginger asks for it!)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I loves me some water!!

At the beginning of the video I'm just checking out the water, but keep watching...you'll see me getting nice and wet!! 
I LOVES me some water (clean OR dirty!!)!! 
I don't care what color the water is, as long as it's wet!! hehe!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Yep. I'm dirty. 

Nope. Not just 'a little' dirty. 
A LOT dirty.

Because getting dirty is so fun.
LOTS of fun.
Because I like lots of fun.
And because I'm Ellwood...what do you expect?!

(Sure good thing water exists or I'd be in REAL trouble!!)

Monday, 16 July 2012

I had a dream....

 (Elioth dreaming:) ...mmmm...yaaaahh...that's right....me....

 ...boss...me....THE boss...um-hmmmm......mmmm.....

...WHO YOU LOOKIN' AT DAWG?...yahh....me....BOSS...Elioth...BOSSSSSssssss...

Whoa...I just had the best dream!! I dreamt that not only did the dawgs FINALLY get it through their thick dawg heads that we kids (Princess 2Shoes and me) rule, but that me, I, Elioth, was officially declared the boss...and even better, I dreamt that my highness-ship was made public!!

Then I woke up to find out that it was!! 
On Wendy's LOL spot
Look here: 

Are we cool or what? 
P.S. Thank you so much Wendy...I am now your loyal servant (but ONLY for you!) for life! And special thanks too, to Angel Lolo for helping Wendy out!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The taming of the Ginger

(Elioth:) Ok Ginger, if you want to sit on the CAT CHAIR with me
you have to CALM DOWN!

(Ginger:) But I want to PLAY

(Ginger:) Let's play 'Cee-Cee-Oh-Playmate'!!

(Elioth:) I don't want to play your paw games, girl!
Sit down!! SIT DOWN!

(Ginger:) What about if we wrestle? I like to wrestle!!

(Elioth to himself:) Geez, is there an 'off' button for her? 
Maybe I can unplug her or pull out her batteries...

I'll just hypnotise her with my stare...

(Elioth - panicked:) OOOO!! It worked!!
I never actually tried it on a living being... 
OMCats, I hope I didn't KILL her!!

(Elioth:) Ah, WHEW! 
I was afraid I gave her a too strong dose of the Elioth stun stare, 
but she seems to be coming out of it ok...

(Elioth:) Now THERE'S a GOOD DAWGIE!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Giving you a good look

Hi there!! Princess Shoe here (or Chouchou or 2shoes...whatever you would like)
Mom said that it would be most appreciated if we sat still for a little while so that she could finally take pictures of us so that YOU could see what we look like instead of just pictures of Siamese blur.

 Here I am, pretending to be sleeping...

And here I am giving you my 'hello there' look!
Hello there!!

That's Elioth...he doesn't know that it's impolite to yawn without covering his mouth!

But to make up for it, he is giving you his bedroom eyes.

We busy kitties have a lot of work with all the dustbunny hunting and snooping we have been doing since our arrival...clearly this house has not been propertly looked after by Tiny or we would have not found so many dustbunnies under furniture. We are doing our best to snoop (uh, hunt!) them all down and prepare them for eliminate by that horrible, horrible sucky machine!! Oh, I'm tired just thinking about it....I think we need more beauty sleep now.
We'll get back to dog bossing and dustbunny control after our kitten-nap. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

 What's yours...is mine

 ...And what's yours is also mine.

(Even if some people call this a DOG bed...if I call it mine, it's mine!) 
Right, Princess Shoe?
(Princess Shoe/a.k.a. Eschu) Yep!!