Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dig it good!!

 Hi there!! We are TERRIERS!!
 Well WE do!!
Dig, dig, dig!!!
And after we dig...
...we sleep.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Shhhhh...this is a secret: While Mom was out of the room, we got ahold of her iPhone and were checking what pictures she took recently (yes, we don't need thumbs to work an iPhone!!)....normally, we wouldn't check up on her like that, but when she came home smelling of strange cats, we thought we better look for some clues on her phone...the above is what we found.

Could this be THE 'Elioth' that Mom has been talking about? 
I'm wondering (yes, it's me, Ginger, and I do a lot of wondering - Ellwood does the WANDERING...ahem) if Elioth is going to be our new brother...Mom did look quite happy when she came back from her mystery outting.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Our Wednesday in Da Woods with DaBigDawgs and DaLittleBeans!!! And our new neighbor!!

Hullo!! Ginger here (get ready...I'm feeling chatty today!)! 

You see that white speck above? Well, that is the business end (and I DO mean business!) of Ellwood and just above him, that red speck is Berda the grandma (remember our Irish terrier friends?) And you wanna know where we are? We are in a forest where a bazillion snowdrop (flowers) are blooming. 
I kid you not...there are at least a bazillion!!

Remember little bean Adele? 
There she is running through the leaves and snowdrops.

Here are just a few of the snowdrops. 
You know, when Mom told me we were going to see snow drops I was not so happy because I want Spring to be here (it is now!! woo hoo!), but then I saw that she meant snow drop FLOWERS!!

That little bean Adele jumps almost as good as me!!

And the bigger little bean Klara is a great jumper, too and even sticks her tongue out like I do!! haha!

..more snow drops...

...and another million more...

...and a sunset...soon those trees will be turning green...woo hoo!!


Meet Lilli...or, as Mom calls her: ChilliLilli!!
She is a RhymerWiner and she is only 11 weeks old, but already as big as Ellwood!!
 You might think she is all cute and all that and I agree, she is...

 but you know why these photos are all fuzzy? 

 Because NOT ONLY is she a wiggle worm, 
she is even goofier than I am! Look! 
She can't stop herself from making




Monday, 19 March 2012

WORLD CANCER DAY and some maybe good news

In memory of all those that we knew and loved (and always will)
and those that we never had the chance to meet.
May a cure be found SOON!! PLEASE!!

On a happy note...we think Lolo is sending us this little guy...his name is Elioth and Mom is going to visit him soon and maybe some day he will come to our house to live with us...we'll see...nothing is sure yet, but we can always hope!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Tiny Talks on Monday

Ahhh...Spring sunshine...

Yeah, my old bones likes this warm sun...

Oh hello..what? Dogs? Do I like 'em?

You talking about those pooches in the other room?

Those pipsqueaks? C'MON!
I could knock them both out with a one-paw wap!!

Any other question?
Take 'em up with my secretary.
Yes, that would be Mom.
I have more important things to do now.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The 5 Mighty Terrors...uh, TERRIERS!!

 Hi there!! Ginger reporting in! Yesterday we had THE BEST day!! How do I define a 'the best' day? Well, it has to include BOTH other DOGS and KIDS!! And our yesterday did!! Woooohoooooo!!

Some of you might remember our 3 Irish Terrier pals... Berda (the grandma), Eureka (her daughter) and Agent (a real cool dude)?
Here, I'll help refresh your memory:

Berda (13 years old)



And here they are all together for a 'photo shoot' during our walk yesterday.

Man! It was sooo great...we took a walk near our house, but doing that same walk with these 3 big dogs was way more fun than when it is just Ellwood and I...those guys really know how to have a good time, and boy did we ever...I think I'll sleep all week just to recover!!

 We played on the ice on the frozen swampy area...

Goska (the Mom), Adele (in red) and Klara (from behind) with Agent and Eureka... 
MAN, I love those guys! And those little beans are so cool...I can jump up and down all around them and they don't even care!! AND they like to play!!

 Look! The tiny bean Adele (2 1/2 years old) really wanted to run and play with us and even tried to run and keep up with us...

 awww...isn't she sweet? I'm afraid the poor dear is missing a second pair of legs because those two little legs of hers.....

...just won't cut it if you're trying to keep up with the Terror Gang of Five!!! hahaha!

As always on our walks, Ellwood and I seem to be on opposite sides of whatever situation,

 You know...I go this way and he goes his way...but we always make the best of it and I usually win. (Yes! Seriously!!) Yesterday was the best Sunday yet this year!! I wish EVERY Sunday could be JUST LIKE THIS ONE WAS!!!

 Heading off into the wild woods!! Wooooo hooo! I'm outta here!!