Monday, 28 February 2011

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi - Upstaged!!

This is supposed to be MY DAY (Lolo Monday) so Mom was making a little video of me...but guess who just HAD to come along and steal - THIEVE - the show...


Hey DoggieDawg, I do not take kindly to being upstaged...
my retaliation just might come in the form of me pee'in on your bed while you are out on a walk. HA! That would teach you.

!! Beware Dawg: Never, EVER, upstage a Siamese!!
!! This is your one and only warning!!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunny Sunday

There was a warm ray of sun shining through our window yesterday so we each just had to take advantage of it. You can bet we were each dreaming of Spring!!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Freakin' Freezin' Friday

Come on sunshine...warm me up!!
Come on sunshine and show me some green grass!

Hey Lolo, watcha doin up there?

Oh, I'm thinkin' about eatin' some of this old, dry, brown grass because I can't find any green grass.
It's s-soo c-cold out here I might just go back inside and forget all about the green stuff.

Yeah, I'd sure like some nice green grass, too. I'll come and help you find some.

None here.
Nope, I'm not finding any either...

What about over here...
Nope, nothing.

You see any up there Tiny?'s the same everywhere.

I'm packin' it up and goin' back in the is just TOO DANG COLD out here!!

I'm right behind you on that..RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!
Man, I think my toes are frozen!!

Yep, this last week the temperatures have been low, low, low, but we two tough senior cats braved the extremes anyway! Are you impressed? OK, there is no snow on the ground, but the air is so nasty cold IT BITES!! So did we...the old,brown grass because we would sooooo love to have a mouthful of fresh grass, but all there is is the old brown stuff.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Wood's Wednesday - My new friend Fanny!!

I have a new friend!!! Mom and Dad and I were on a walk up the hill from our house and while we were passing a house/farm there, out came Fanny!! She kinda/sorta/but not really looks like me...only shorter and with flat fur AND she is a girl, but yeah, she sorta looks like me!! Fanny is JACK Russell Terrier - JRT - (I'm a PARSON Russell Terrier - PRT) and is only a couple of months older than me. We had such a blast playing together. She may not have legs as long as mine, but boy can she run fast!! Phew!! I was exhausted after a major game of chase with her. Also, since she is a girl and a little older, she had no qualms about putting me in my place when she thought I was getting too obnoxious with her. I like her feistiness!! I think Fanny and I will get to be great friends!! I hope!

P.S. Lucy, I still have a mega-crush on you, but since I am so young, my buddy Barsik tells me that I should play the field for a while. But Lucy, do know that I will always love you in my puppy way.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tiny's Tuesday - A Mighty Fight with the Flashy Beast

Look!! I caught the flashy beast by the tail and gave it something to think about!
I KNEW I could get it!!
I win! I win!!
Didn't I???

Monday, 21 February 2011

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi - our ladder!

We have heard that some of our blogging friends have been doing a purr-furr-mance review of their Moms....well, we're going to tell you right now...our Mom would fail so miserably that we aren't even going to bother. "P" as in purr-furr-mance? Ha! No, we say "P" as in 'pathetic'....sorry Mom, but that's just the way it're going to have to do better if you want lots of paws next year. (Notice: this year is not starting out well AT ALL!)

And now on to ME! Well, in all fairness it is something for Tiny and Me, but I'm going to tell you the me part of it. OK?

As you know, we have THE DAWG - Ellwood (I will now refer to him as "TD"). And you also know that I am not a fan AT ALL of TD. I am known to make a HUGE FUSS whenever I have to go downstairs to do my business (why oh why must the litter box be downstairs, where TD is?) even though there is a gate on the stairs to keep TD from coming up, it doesn't keep him from coming after me when I go to the litterbox which is under the stairs.

Soooo! Dad (my dad rocks!) decided to make us one of those ladders that looks like it is for a chicken (ok, don't you DARE say anything cuz I know what you are thinking!) and put it so that I don't have to go through the dog gate and possibly walk past TD. Now, I can slip under one of the steps and sneak down the ladder, go to the litterbox, then sneak back up the ladder and TD doesn't have to know!!

Tiny prefers to take her chances...will she ever know the joys of the chicken walk?

P.S. Please send purrs for our dear friend Au

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Wood's Wednesday - Barney Buddy

Oh how I love Barney Bear!! I love him so much!!!

Remember how he looked when I first got him?

He is so cute and tastey, uh, I mean cuddly...
I love to nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, CHEW on his ears!!

I guess I've been doing this too much because Barney's ears seem to be getting smaller...

and smaller.

Well, you could say non-existent.

As a result, Mom had to perform surgery on Barney since I managed to love a hole into the side of his head. She debated about giving him prosthetic ears, but in the end decided that I would probably just chew those off, too so she chose to imbed invisible hearing implants on the sides of his head then just close up the wound. Like that he can still hear AND he doesn't have those flappy things on his head that temp my teeth so!!

What do you think?
(Oh yeah, Mom also gave Barney a bath!)

I LOVE Barney!!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tiny's Tuesday

Hello!! A few days ago we had wonderful, sunny weather again and it was so warm that Lautrec and I actually asked to go outside...twice!! Lautrec likes to wander off looking for places to do his 'business' in the nature, but I, refined and sophisticated, don't do those things outside. Rather, I prefer to find my special warm place on the bench by the wall where the sun keeps me lushiously toasty!! Last week you saw me in this exact same spot!! It isn't just a coincidence!

Even the birds seem to know that Spring is not so far away. Lately, they have started singing a bit (the blackbird seems to be practicing because he sings quietly to himself), nevertheless, all bazillion of them continue to mooch food off the bird feeders. People, we live in the middle of a forest!!! Can't they find food in the forest?? There is one thing they can't probably do in the forest - gather on the sandstone walls and eat the salt and/or calcium that crystalises on the surface of the stones. I'm not sure whether it is salt or calcium that they look for - maybe both - but as you can see in this picture that Mom took from one of our windows, they gather in large groups where they all hold onto the wall and peck off what they find. They have done this several days in a row now. Can you imagine if you could not only fly (which is, in itself, a wonderful feat), but also walk on walls??? Birds are so cool!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Lolo Lundi /Lolo Monday - Hearts to You!!


(this picture is my attempt at blowing you kisses)
The three of us send you lots and lots of kisses (even though we would NEVER even dare to give each other a kiss...ewww!! Me kiss Ellwood? NOOOOO WAAAY!!) and we hope that you all have a heart-filled day today and every day!!

OF COURSE on this special hearts day, I send lots of purrs, kisses, gentle headbutts and a giant catnip bouquet to my sweet ladycat AttieCattie!

hearts - hearts - hearts - hearts - hearts

Today is not just Valentine's Day, but my day. Lolo's Monday. What better day to share with you the first loves of my young furrFamily. Here is a picture we just received from my first human parents (who live in Holland - which, by the way, is where I was born) of my Mom - Amanda, my sister - Engel, my half-sister - Fanny (hiding in the back) and my uncle - Danny - in that order. I call this picture Siamese Soup because they are all mixed together like soup! And where are they? In a wash basket, which looks a lot like a mega sweater bed!! So you see, my sweater bed obsession runs in the family!!