Monday, 30 December 2013

How to kill Santa Claus, by Ellwood

 Here's how its done:

 You GRAB it with your teeth and SLING it in the air, 
then you KICK it with your back paws...

 PULL at its hat really hard...

 and CHEW on the top of the hat just for good measure...

And VOILA, you've killed Santa Claus!!
Oh! What? 
I wasn't supposed to do that?
Oops!! Sorry, Santa!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fresh air

Hi there!!
Ya know, most of the time, it's great snoozin' next to Ginger...

...but then, there are times, when, well,
uh, how can I say this in a gentlemanly way?

 What Elioth?

Well, to be brutally honest, darlin'...YOU FLUFF.

 A lady like me? FLUFF? 

 I am crushed. Absolutely CRUSHED.
You've stabbed me in the heart with that, Elioth.

What was that?
I think I just heard a spider bark!