Friday, 31 December 2010

The Wood vs. The Flashy Beast!

Yep, a serious challenge....I decided to see if I could out-flash The Flashy Beast ...I am sooo good that not once in all these pictures was The Flashy Beast able to catch me. See?? All the pictures of me are fuzzy because I'm so fast. I could be called Flash Ellwood!!

But then I slowed down for a second and decided to do some 'flashing' of my own!! Hahahaha!!!

Our Mom (Cat), Tiny, Lautrec and I would like to wish all our blogging friends a SUPER-DUPER New Year's Eve and a happy, healthy and love (and treat) -filled 2011!!! Woof!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Christmas is here!! Christmas is here!!!
It finally came!!! And today we got to open our presents!!! YAAAAYYY!!

First of all, we got a pretty package in the mail from my love, ATTIECATTIE.

We opened those first...I opened the RED one and Tiny opened the WHITE one...

...then we stopped breathing!!!



We are really classy now!!!

Just LOOK at me!!!
Here is a close-up of the charm on my collar...isn't it SOOO ME???

And here is Tiny...a.k.a. 'Princess'!! Attie knows Tiny very well!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Attie and Audrey for the beautiful collars!! We will where them with pride and with our heads high...we love them!!!


And from our Secret Paws friend who we learned was Punapippuri - we got some really cool TOYS!! Please see all the details at the Secret Paws blog. If you didn't pawticipate in Secret Paws this year, you might want to next is so much fun and SO EXCITING!!

And finally, we got a really sweet card from our good friends Jim and Chataigne who live in Nice, France,(they don't have a kitty blog, but their Mom does have two great blogs that you should visit - Benches on My Way and Chronicles from the Shore) and the presents were more for Mom than for us, but we like them too (Mom loves them!)

Look!! A book of recipes from the south of France AND a pretty dish towel with a wonderful thought on it. Oh, so, so true!!!

And with those beautiful words, we would like to wish EFURRYONE a WONDERFUL, HAPPY AND SAFE CHRISTMAS and that you all have a loving 2011 full of happiness, warmth and kindness. Please think of all the animals around the world who are in need of love and warmth and purr that they may find what they need.

Friday, 24 December 2010


Sorry we're posting so late...we are (well, I am) totally exhausted after the pawty...we slept all day yesterday then today we cleaned...and cleaned and cleaned....seems that the cat grass was a real hit (so much so that a lot got hacked up along with the occasional furball...ahem....maybe next time we'll skip the huge pot of cat grass...).

Here I am...this morning...still trying to get over the NASTY headache I have...I don't know if it was from the niptinis or from bouncing around so much in the bouncy house with my love Attie. That place was a blast!!! I also did quite a few complete tours of the carpet room...dang, I am NOT a young cat anymore and these aging bones is achin'...ow, ow, ow!!!

And here is Tiny...she was more reasonable and didn't go overboard...I think its a female guys just tend to not know when to quit then we like to bitch and moan.

Ellwood, on the other hand is still a pup so he could have partied on for another several days without any problems...he is such a goof!!

And today is Christmas Eve...presents to wrap and unwrap!! We got a present from our Secret Paws friends, also Malyss sent us something and finally, my sweetie Attie sent us presents...we are waiting until tonight or tomorrow morning to open them all - right now we haven't a clue what's under the pretty wrapping!!! We will post pictures tomorrow...promise!!! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you wake up to happy hearts, a warm house and good food tomorrow on Christmas day.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Happy Birthday to yooouuuu, happy birthday to yooouuuu, happy birthday dear Lautrec, happy birthday to yoooouuuuu!! WE LOVE YOU LAUTREC!!

(Tiny on her 1st birthday)
Tiny the Mighty; the Mighty are a beautiful, smart, strong, tough kitty-cat and we hope that this 16th year is a wonderful kitty year for you!! All your friends and family love you so much you beautiful girl!!

In honor of this event, AttieCattie - Lautrec's lovely Ladycat - has teamed up with me, Tiny, to present the following mega-pawwwty. (And I, Ellwood, have sneaked my way into the blog to add my part, too!) Felines and Canines alike are welcome!!

In celebration of Lautrec's and Tiny's birthdays (sorry Tiny, you thought you were just making a birthday party for Lolo, but I snuck in and changed the post before midnight to add in YOUR birthday, too!!) we are going to have a big HISSSSGRRRRRBOOM!!

To start off the party each guest will be greeted at the door by our massage and pawdicure specialists who will see to it that you not only have been properly massaged (and scratched behind your ears) and psyched up to pawty, but you will have your paws and claws beautified...yes, you can have your claws painted or, if you would like, you can have little diamonds glued to them and your paw pads will be soft after a fabulous cream has been gently massaged into them!!

While you are having your massage and pawdicure, you can sip on a limitless number lovely cocktails (the drink, not the bird's tail!! Silly!) ...check out our house drinks:

+ mouseymarys
+ moonmilkmadnesses
+ groovygrassjuice
+ zippideedoodahjuice
and ehfurrybody's favourite:

When your pawdicure session is over, you will be escorted into...

What are the Fun Rooms?

Well, the FIRST Fun Room is a BOUNCY HOUSE (sort of like the one shown below)!! BOUNCY, BOUNCY, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
(Now you understand why it was important that everyone have a pawdicure!!) If you have never been in a bouncy house, you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!! These are great!! You can bounce like crazy and slam dance and flip and do all sorts of cool, crazy things and NOT GET HURT!! This is THE COOLEST thing...ever!!

But don't wear yourself out just yet because there are still more FUN ROOMS!! Sorry, no pictures available as these are EXCLUSIVE Weezdabadcats/AttieCattie creations!!

For the Felines:
We are talking about a room where all the walls and the ceiling are covered with carpet!!! Wooo hooo!! You will literally be able to run up and down the walls and maybe even across the ceiling..depending on your climbing talents! In the middle of this same room will be hundreds of catnip mice, miles of tunnels and climbing trees that you thought only exist in your imagination! AND, as a real treat there is a special feather pool which contains millions of feathers of all kinds for you to jump into and sniff and play with until your heart is totally and utterly content.

For the Canines:
The Bazillion Balls Room is a room filled with a bazillion balls!! Some of the balls have a special device in them that causes them to move around all the time all by themselves!! Also in this room will be several treat dispensers which will give treats to any an all who wish for a treat and you won't have to do any tricks for the treats..all you'll have to do it just LOOK at a treat dispenser and it will toss out a wonderful treat (each dispenser contains a different treat).

After you have had your fill of fun in the fun rooms, you can wander into the food hall....literally a hall of food...of EVERY kind...fresh fish (including, but not limited to salmon, tuna, trout and sandat - a wonderful fresh-water fish), boneless chicken, beef chunks, shrimp, crab, liver pate, cat milk, giant pots of fresh grass and caviar for those with rich taste!!

So, make sure you clear your day so that you can come and join us to wish both Lautrec and Tiny HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to give them lots of kisses, headbutts and good wishes for many more years of the good life.

We look forward to seeing ehfurryone!!
Purrs to all, Tiny and AttieCattie
(and Ellwood - heehee - I may be just a pup, but I'm already clever!)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Mouse in the House!!!


What is Mom getting all on our cases about...we haven't seen any mouse in our house!! She's all mad at us because she said we are sleeping and doing nothing while a 'rodent' is roaming in OUR house. Ever since Mom has been serving us 'Gourmet' cat food, I have no taste for mouse. If there is a mouse in the house, it won't be me catching it thank you very much!!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Play date

Hello!!! Me again!! Remember my buddy 'Barsik'...well, if you don't, I'll refresh your memory:

At the beginning of October on the day I first met Barsik.

At the end of October when we met again and I got to play outside with him for the first time.

Below are pictures from yesterday...playing in the snow!! OH WHAT FUN!! OK, it is one thing to play in the snow, alone, but to play in the snow with a buddy, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER!! Wow, I'm still exhausted from all our running around, but I can't wait to do it again!! Soon!!

My excellent Kung-fu move!! Haiiiii-YAH!!

Wait!! Was that a bird??

I can flyyyyy!! I, ME, ELLWOOD am TOP DOG!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Spastic Sunday...again!

I don't know why, but I sometimes I just can't sit still!! What does 'spastic' mean? Mom often says this word when I am being silly.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I've got my grumpy sweater on....and you know what? It smells like DAWG!! I don't like it. I don't like it ONE BIT. Maybe it's time for me to make a visit to someone's bed...and pee on it...and while I'm at it, maybe I'll hit that damn squeaky toy. Squeak, squeak, squeak...enough to make someone grumpy. Oh yeah, that's me. But actually, I'm grumpy about the weather ...snow, snow, snow. I know...I was crabby last week for the same least I change ... the weather sure doesn't!! Hmpf!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Wood's Wednesday - Another Flashback

Yep, me again here on my regularly scheduled day (I think Lolo said he will post tomorrow so for those of you who are having Lolo withdrawals, don't worry, he's just fine and will be here tomorrow).

I thought you might enjoy another flashback since I seem to be growing all the time and it is hard to notice unless you can compare so here you are...

Here I am on 6 October (you've seen this pic before, but I needed to use it again for comparison purposes...forgive me!)...

...and on 7 November...

And this is me a couple of days ago.


Oh!!! There is SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT I must to tell you so listen up!! You know how yesterday Tiny was saying that she plans on having a surprise pawty for Lautrec for his 12th birthday? Well, would you believe that about 2 weeks ago (to be exact on 4 December) Tiny had her 16th birthday and SHE DIDN'T HAVE A PAWTY! So, here is what I think...I think that while Tiny is preparing a surprise pawty for Lautrec, I will prepare a surprise pawty for Tiny ON THE SAME DAY!!! What do you think? It's going to be a really big bash...double trouble...the mama of all pawties!! So if you haven't already marked the 22 December pawty on your calendar, do so now...this is gonna be fuuuuuunnnnuh!! Same rules apply: SSSSHHHHHHH!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tiny's Tuesday

Look into my don't have to be a mind reader to know what I'm thinking about. Yep. Snow. You know, the stuff that we keep getting. Ok, in all fairness we did have a little break in the weather where the temps were above freezing so a lot melted, but now it is below freezing again so there is lots of ice out there. As you can imagine, us delicate kitties do not like to go out in that stuff. I think even the birds don't like to go out because Mom put old bread, apples AND a seed ball on what is our kitty city terrace (in the summer!) and NO ONE has touched any of it!! Can you believe that? Where are the birdies? Maybe Ellwood has scared them away!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: OK, I just wrote the above stuff to divert Lolo's attention...he hates talking about the weather so I'm sure he won't even read to the bottom of that paragraph which is a good thing because now I want to talk to you about something really important and LOLO ABSOLUTELY CAN'T KNOW. There's going to be a surprise pawty on 22 December to celebrate Lolo's 12th birthday!! I've been in touch with Lolo's ladycat the supercool Attiecattie and she said that she will help me organise Lolo's pawty. What a great sisfur-in-paw she is AND she has really neat pawty ideas. I won't tell you much now, but everyone please reserve Wednesday, 22 December for THE PAWTY OF THE DECADE. We're gonna have a great pawty for Lolo, but has got to be a SURPRISE so please don't say anything to him!! Stay warm and stay tuned for more information!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

A Hi-jacking!!

HULLLLOOOOOOOOO THERE! I have decided to hi-jack 'Lolo's Monday' because Lolo has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth mentioning these last couple of days. Me, Ellwood, on the other hand, I have done lots of things worth mentioning like chasing down or catching in the air about a million snow balls AND I have also done a lot of snow sniffing for under-snow introoders. What has Lolo done? He has slept and slept and slept, oh, and in between he ate and ate and ate and talked a lot (I swear, those Siamese are the loudest, mouthiest animals on this planet!).

Here are some pictures of me at work! I'm am such a good can tell by all the snow on my face!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Wood's Wednesday

Hi there!! Waddya think? I whined a bit about having to wear hand-me-downs (see last Friday's post) so Mom made this jacket JUST FOR ME!! It has fleece on this inside (from the same fleece sweatpants that Mom made that ugly sweater thing from) and rain/wind-proof fabric on the outside PLUS reflective stripes. And, I should be able to wear it for a while since she made it so even if I get bigger it will fit. OK, so it is far from perfect, but hey, it sure beats that funky green tube with holes in it that I was wearing before (which, BTW, smelled like CAT....ICK!). Snow? No problem!!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tiny's Tuesday

Today it's MY TURN to be crabby.

Crabby, crabby, crabby.

Get this: because there is so much snow outside and it is really cold, The Wood doesn't go out much so Mom has to 'entertain' him inside which means she spends less time with Lolo and I AND she lets The Wood come into OUR room and sleep on OUR couch.

BUT NOT ONLY THAT!! Mom even throws HIS BALL into OUR ROOM and he comes racing into OUR ROOM to fetch it (which usually happens when I am in a deep sleep). Imagine how you would feel if you are lost in dream land and suddenly you are awakened by The Wood barreling straight towards you! Well, it happens to me and every time it scares the heebie-geebies outta me!!

So because of the snow I can't get my beauty sleep!

I want Spring!!

AND I want that dang dawg OUT OF OUR ROOM...NOW!!