Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mighty Bitey Boy!


(Elioth:) Hm? Whaaaa?

(Elioth:) Watcha doin you beasty flasher?

 (Elioth:) Come here, you!

(Elioth:) Watch out or I'll put the bitey on you...
I just have to do it on Shoes instead...Aaarrrgrrr!

(Elioth:) Yup, and now I'm sleepy again....
(2Shoes/Chouchou:) yeah, yeah...blah, blah, blah...

 (Chouchou:) Don't worry, he's all hot air...
he doesn't really bite...well, not too hard.

 (Elioth:) What?! Hot air? Me?

 (Elioth:) Hey!! Ima wannin' ya!
I gawt me teef shawpened an' Iziz gonna give you da biteez!!

(Chouchou:) Pfffft.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tiny's time

 Hi there!! ...sigh....
YAY!! Outside! The best place to be!

Why is outside so great? 
Well, I'll tell you why...because inside are those two little (now rather big!) whipper-snappers always trying to grab my tail...
and even jumping on me from behind doors! 

 And over there...behind that fence are those two other yapper-tailwaggers thinking that I - ME - TINY THE QUEEN - wants to play with them like Elioth does. 

 No, I just want to be here in the last few warm rays of sunshine enjoying the company of me and myself...and Mom. Actually, it's the only time (almost) that I have Mom to myself.

 If only she would just come work outside more often!!

Now that the weather is getting cold again, I guess I'll just have to brave the inside and go beat down those youngin's so I can have Mom's lap to myself. 
Life USED to be so easy...once upon a time.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Weez iz sorry!!

(Ginger:) Hi there!!
We, us, Elioth and Ginger, the heads of the household, are here to tell you that we deeply apologise for our slacking off as concerns our blogging duties. 
We have to blame the weather a little because when it is soooo nice outside, well, who wants to be on the computer?

(Elioth:) Yeah, Ginger, you say 'we' and 'outside' in the same sentence, but 'we' as in 2Shoes/Chouchou and I, well, this is as 'outside' as 'we' get...
(see our sad little faces up in that window while YOU look up at us?)

Usually, we kittens (yes, we are starting to really look cat-ly and actually are now 6 months old!) are usually doing this.

...or this. 
We spend a lot of time in the kitchen waiting for another meal.
We love to eat!!

 (Ginger:) Yeah, us dawgs do get to be in the real 'outside'...
like here...on one of our walks...
Would you believe 2 days after this picture was taken when we were in this EXACT spot with our friend Fido (dalmation), 
we chased A WILD PIG out of the bushes!! 
It was freakin' fun!! Wooo hooo!! 
Of course, Mom wasn't too happy about it!!

And during another outing (visiting our birth Mom)
we met this divine kitty - Scampy - who was really, really sweet.
(But that, you can tell by looking into her eyes!)

And in our garden...there are pretty flowers to enjoy...

...and even a GREAT, BIG PUMPKIN growing on our compost pile!!
Mom thinks it must be about 20kg already!!
OK, that's big for us..normally we have much smaller pun'kins!

 But when our dawgs are tired, we like to lounge and don't even mind if you cats join us. 
Of course, Tiny NEVER would...does she think we smell bad?? 
Hmm, I don't know why she would...
But you, Elioth, you are our bed buddy!! 
(see Elioth there in the middle?)