Thursday, 29 April 2010

Astrud and Luna

Yesterday you saw pictures of our friends Danny the dog and Astrud the cat. Today, I will better introduce you to Astrud and her sister, Luna.

Here are both girls...Astrud is on the left and Luna is on the right.

And here is Luna stalking around the garden in search of things to pounce on.

And finally, here is Astrud doing her best to become a tri-color (e.g. BROWN, black and white) cat instead of staying a bi-color cat!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Meet Danny...Danny is a black Labrador who lives with his brother DP, another black Lab, and their two 'sisters' Luna and Astrud - lovely tuxedo cats. The four of them share a house that has a big courtyard and a beautiful garden. Normally, the boys (the dogs) have to stay in the courtyard (a big courtyard with lots of room for playing dog games) and the girls have pretty much free reign of the whole neighborhood.

These pictures were taken from the garden where the boys can sometimes go (but not too often because they have a tendency to want to dig things up), however, the girls, well, they can go there whenever they please so, as you can imagine, this makes the boys, especially Danny, a bit sad. So Danny does his best to try to see what he is missing out on whenever any humans are there and Astrud does her best to tease him. Cats and Dogs...what do you expect? But don't worry, these cats and dogs are very good friends with each other and all four of them are very loved and spoiled by their human slaves!

Though Tiny and I have meet the boys a couple of times when they visited our garden, we have never met Astrud and Luna...I'm sure they are very nice, but since they live in another town we have only smelled them on Mom's clothes after Mom and Dad visited them. We like the pictures of them!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tiny's Tuesday

Because we have been having nice weather lately, we've been spending a lot of time lovin' the outdoors again. And after that horrible, long winter we had it is so nice to finally have some real sunshine and warmth while sitting in the grass.

As a senior kitty and I have come to appreciate just sitting in the grass or wandering around checking things of my favorite things though is to have a good roll in the dirt...see how dusty I get?!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi

Normally, it is my day, but I kinda had my day yesterday so I've decided to show a new 'on-the-green-bench' picture to add to our already large collection of photos of us on the green bench...this was taken over the weekend. We like sitting here and sometimes Tiny lets me sit nearby (but not too near!).

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Where are the Birds???

I smell birds, but I don't see any! Maybe if I sit here long enough they will come and sit with me. Hahahaha!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Strings of Yesterday...

OK, here they are...those long-awaited (by us!) photos of us playing with string in the garden. We love to chase string in the grass...we pretend we are chasing a snake!! Sometimes we find real snakes, but Mom won't let us play with them...she takes them away from us and talks all nice to the snake, but bad to us. Is that fair??

Friday, 23 April 2010

Runnin' Late Cuz We've Been Runnin' After a String!

We are late in posting today because we were out in the garden this morning enjoying the warm sun and being with Mom and Dad while they had their breakfast. After breakfast, Mom started dragging a string around the garden and, well, WE LOVE CHASING STRINGS! You would never know that I (Lautrec) am 11 years old and that Tiny is 15 years old!! We are still very young at heart!! Especially when it comes to chasing the garden...under the sun!! Yay!!

NOTE: Blogger is being a real b*gger today and uploading pictures has been a painful process...therefore I am limiting my pictures to just a couple...the string chasing pictures will have to come tomorrow because at the rate pictures are uploading right now, I will never get this posted today.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Difficult Life

Life is so difficult sometimes....why-oh-why MUST I get out of my soft cocoon just to eat? Can't my meals be brought to me? Can't I just stay here inside this cloud of warmth and softness and have food spoon-fed to me? Is it really so much to ask??

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Predictable Finish

I think we all know how this will finish...


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tiny's Tuesday

Me and MY green bench.

Yes, the green bench is mine. Why? Because I said so and because I LOVE that green bench and IT LOVES ME. Seriously though, if you look back through our blog, you will see that there are several pictures of me on the green bench either by myself or with Lautrec (when I let him sit on it). And here are a few more taken this last weekend. The first one is before Mom set the breakfast table Sunday morning (our first breakfast outside this year - woo hooo!!).

The second one was later after Mom and Dad had breakfast.
The third one was in the afternoon when I was just sitting there watching the world go by...

...and Lautrec.

I love that green bench!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi

Hello and Happy Monday! We had really nice weather over the weekend and FINALLY, Tiny and I were able to go out and just do what we love to do in our garden: nothing; anything; nothing; snooping; sleeping; nothing; hunting; more nothing; chasing a fly; looking beautiful; and finally, nothing!! But I take time to do three things I really love - 1) visit the fish; 2) have a cool drink of water from the pond; and 3) as a extra treat, have a nice breath of flower air..mmmmm! I love smelling the flowers!! (Yes, I guess you could say I am a closet romantic!)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Stretch with Tiny

Hi there! Sunday can either be seen as the last day of the week or the first day of the week...either way, I think it is a good day to do a nice big stretch....S T R E T C H. Go on now...try to see how long and noodley you can get...see me? Feels good, doesn't it. Bravo!! Now take a deserve it!!

Have a good Sunday everyone!!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Great Lolobahbah

Haaaloooo deeer Freeends!!

I am the great Lolobahbah and I have the power to grant you one wish.
(My own wish - NOT yours!)

I wish that today be Saturday.

POOOF!! It is Saturday!!

(I'm good, aren't I?!!)

Friday, 16 April 2010

What it takes to get a meal...

Around here, getting a meal is a real job. I can't just open the bisquit tin anymore and dig in like I used to because the tin is nearly empty and the bisquits are in a bag in the tin! (What is THAT about??) So, now, when we are hungry, we have to do a lot more work. Basically, it starts out with me getting on Mom's lap and making goo-goo eyes at her.

Then Tiny will come along and make one of her little chirping sounds.

Then I will jump off of Mom's lap in a 'come-follow-me' way to get Mom to follow Tiny and me.
Then Tiny and I go into the kitchen where I hop up on the chair by the window and start my serious food calls.

For the purpose of this photo demonstration, Mom brought out a package of Whiskas (we don't usually get Whiskas, but I DO know what the package looks like so I get all excited when I see it) and I just couldn't help myself..I had to reach out and grab at it. The last stage, of course, comes right in the bowl, but you all know what that looks like!!

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


If you were a cat (maybe you are, but just for today we'll pretend you are a human pretending to be a cat, ok?), this is how we would formally would walk up to me and I would look down at you (from Mom's lap) and I would say "Hi stranger...who are you?"

You would then jump up on the chair beside Mom and would say:
"Hi! I'm So-and-so* (*put your name here)."

I would then give you a good sniffing and say:
'Hi So-and-so, I'm Lautrec - Nice to meet you!"

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Trackin' Down the Bisquit Boy

Bisquits...I love 'em. In the States or elsewhere, you probably call them dry food or maybe 'biscuits' or kibbles or whatever, but I have always know them as 'bisquits' (French pronunciation: Biss-queee) so that is what I call them. And I love them even though Mom hardly ever gives them to us anymore because she read something about them not being too good for us so she gives us a lot of wet food now instead and only sometimes do we get bisquits. Actually, Mom used to always have a big tin of bisquits for us and I grew so fond of my bisquits that I taught myself how to open both of our bisquit tins...

...the tin in the apartment....

...and the tin in the country house.

I am the thieving bisquit boy! Catch me if you can!! haha!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lovely Me Tuesday

Yes, it's Tuesday which means its MY day!! And as we all know, I am lovely!! I am so photogenic and since I know it, sometimes, when I'm in the mood I just start doing poses. Gosh, I am sooo lovely!! (...and not at all modest!)

And here's one of the two of us since I have to be fair and include Lautrec in the picture...but I do think I am quite lovely here, too.... hehehehe!