Friday, 27 May 2011

Lazy Lolo

Geez...Lolo has really taken lounging to a higher level....
or, perhaps I should say a lower level....
the floor.

Well, high AND low...the attic floor.
He says he's had a tough week.
Whaaa? We both had the same week....
I don't remember anything difficult...
hmmm...was I sleeping during something?

I dunno.
Just look at him...
I think he could go pro with his relaxed style.
I'm ALMOST in awe.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gardening Thursday - leaves falling in Spring??

::: Please go visit our friend JONESIE
for more info on the Society of Feline Gardeners::::

OK friends, we have (or rather our tree has) a serious problem and don't know what to think or do. Our linden tree (known in Czech as a 'lipa' or in French as a 'tilleulle' or you Brits call it a 'lime tree' though I absolutely cannot figure that out) is losing leaves. For more information on this kind of tree, please see here or here.

No, not just a few here and is literally crying leaves. Every day we collect hundreds of them. It is just really sad and the only reason we can figure for this is that when the leaves were starting to come out, we got hit by a cold spell and it even snowed and the temps went under freezing. Otherwise, we don't know what is causing it. You might think, oh, well, it is just a tree, but it isn't. This is a nearly 200 year old tree!!

See it? You are looking at the top part of it behind me...those big main branches are so big neither Mom nor Dad could put their arms around them. It is a big, old tree..and it is going prematurely bald. Any of you smart gardeners out there have any ideas???? Help!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Wood's Wednesday

The other night we went out for dinner...hahaha, I love saying this because the cats can NEVER say it and mean it. But I CAN!! Because dogs can go to restaurants, but cats can't....oh boo-hoo, poor kitty-cats. Not!! Oh, I am soooo DaMeenDawg!!

ANEEEEEWAY, here are a couple of pictures from us eating out (and it was outside even though we were in the middle of Prague)...well, as usual, Dad started fiddling with his telephone, so Mom started taking pictures.

Here is a funny one of Dad (though you can't really tell it is him) taken through a glass of fizzy water.

And there is me, looking good as usual with my one ear up and one ear down look.

Which brings me to a complaint. Mom thinks my one ear up should come down so she was trying out ways of helping it down....I did not like this idea. Can you tell??

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday Takeover

Yep. Don't bother disagreeing.
Proof of our badness was Mom!! (oops!)
Well, actually, just ONE of us is bad, but we aren't saying which one.

So since neither of us is talking, we BOTH got busted yesterday and OOOUUUUCCCH! Mom hurt us in our soft spot...THE COMPUTER. As punishment we weren't allowed to play on the computer all day and that is why we are only here today. What did we do? Well, ONE of us horribly tortured a lizard without killing it. Mom found the thing dying IN THE HOUSE and she started to cry because she knew she should kill it, but didn't have the heart to. Seeing Mom cry made us feel really bad, nevertheless, since neither of us would own up to the bad action, we were both grounded for a day from the puter.

Not having use of the computer, I decided to do the next best thing: sleep
(in Mom's arms...she may be mad at us, but she does still love us!!).

Afterall, me; I, Lolo, have no problems sleeping.
Tiny, on the other hand, seemed a bit restless. Never fear!! In good brotherly manner, I offered to takeover Tiny's Tuesday post for her...just this week. Nothin' much is happenin' new here...the flowers are growing, the birds are singing like crazy, the bugs are buzzin' and Mom spends all her time in the garden doing WHAT, I DON'T KNOW!

Me, I've taken on the very serious responsibility of making sure that the sun is visiting all the corners of the house. Here I am on 'sun duty'....showing the sun how to walk down stairs...just like my shadow is doing. It is just too eerie how the sun always manages to find my shadow!!! I sure would like to understand how it does it!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Wishes

Woo hooo!! Friday is here!!!

The three of us would each like to wish you something for your upcoming weekend:

Me, Lautrec, I wish you warm weather, lots of sunshine and blue skies.

Me, Tiny, I wish you peace and tranquility and lots of snoozing time.

And lastly me, Ellwood (since I'm the most junior around here I have to go LAST!), I wish you fun rides in the car and romps in fields full of fragrant flowers.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gardening Thursday - with Ellwood!!

Hello Efurryone, Ellwood here on this lovely gardening Thursday.
So! Sometimes gardening means going backwards a bit. What do I mean? Well, sometimes you may already have things growing and you have to take them away and re-organise them. That is just what we are in the process of doing here. Above, you'll see the flower bed that Mom was working on last this picture she had just weeded it, but wasn't happy, so this Spring she decided to DIG IT ALL UP...

You might be wondering WHY she did this. Well, even though there were quite a few things growing in that flower bed, IT WAS A MESS!! Mom decided that she wants to get rid of some of the stuff that just was taking over and organise it better so that the good stuff shows up better. So she dug it all out. But to her GREAT SURPRISE, while digging up and turning the earth, she found A TON OF JUNK !! Just look!!

Miles of wire, mountains of bricks (at least 3 wheelbarrows overflowing), pieces of roof tiles and floor tiles, several pounds/kilos of glass shards, plastic, old light switches, and just 'stuff'!! You must understand that once upon a time, where this flower bed now is, there was a barn...but that was many, many years ago (our house is something like 200 years old) and since then they decided to use certain parts of the former barn's foundation as a place for burying junk. (Gee! What a excellent idea...NOT!) Back then people didn't recycle or even think that putting junk in the ground is a stupid idea. Mom was really annoyed to find all this stuff there where her flowers had been (no wonder they weren't looking terribly happy), but was humoured when she uncovered this:

You see what it is? It's a very dirty ceramic dog missing an ear!! It kinda, sorta, but not really looks a little like me!!

We'll keep you posted on how this flower bed is looking now that it is being all replanted. Remember: WATCH THIS SPACE!! And make sure to look at the other gardening posts today of the members of SOFG (see link). Maybe you will be inspired!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Wood's Wednesday - Hamming it up (NOT)

Mom and Dad were invited to a BBQ last week, but it was coldish outside so they all went inside while the high point of the evening was outside with me...two big pig legs cooking over a slow fire. The smell was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

But would you believe that while that delicious meat was cooking I was tied up about a mile away?? There I was suffering horribly as I sat and smelled helplessly. SUFFERING!! Surely it could be considered cruelty to animals for torturing me like that!!

I means SERIOUSLY, what does a guy have to do to get respect (and a big hunk of meat)? Tell me!! What tricks must I perform? I will do anything!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tiny's Tuesday

Whaaa? Hmmm?

No, I am NOT sleeping!! I'm doing hair inventory....counting the number of hairs I have on this part of my arm. It just LOOKS like I'm snoozing.

Yes, I CAN tell you how many hairs I have on my upper arm....138 in that particular place. Now, please let me get back to my inventory taking.

Good bye...see you laaaatuuurrrrr...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Thursday, Friday and Monday all in One...boy are we embarassed!!

Hello Efurryone...we are so utterly and totally humiliated by our lateness in posting. Seriously, below is Friday's post with Ellwood as our host, while below Friday's post is THURSDAY'S post...LAST Thursday's post!!! We are soooo embarrassed to be so totally late that Tiny and I just want to hide our faces in shame. Shame. SHAAAAAAMMMMEE. Even Ellwood is embarrassed and he hardly ever gets embarrassed. We are so sorry AND we are super sorry that we haven't been commenting much lately. The problem is the weather. It's so nice that Mom goes out the door and we don't see her for HOURS AND HOURS and just when we are about to die of starvation, she comes in and feeds us but won't let us use the computer because she is too tired to turn it on. How tiring could it be to turn on a computer. Tell us, please!! But just so you know...we do visit you, but sometimes we look at several days of posting in one shot. We love to see what everyone is doing...please, please forgive us for not sharing our thoughts with news is good news? Will that work? No? OK, we will try to be better commenters. Promise!!

Friday's Fetch-A-Dog-A-Bone Day

Big bone? For me? Me wants, me wants!!!

Ahhh, but I just ate so what should I do with this thing? Hmmm.....

Uh, would you just back off please? BACK OFF! Geez, can't a guy have a little private time with his fresh kill?

OK, while no one is looking I'm gonna bury this baby in the pond grass. No one will find it here and the best part is that there is no brown nose, no brown paws. I am sooo smart. I am Ellwood!


And now, a VERY, VERY LATE posting of our Thursday Gardening post
- Society of Feline Gardeners -
(psst! Go to the link for more info)

I am a 'green angel'...see my green wings??
Only the best of gardeners have these...I am sooo good!

I think the grass compliments my eyes...what do you say?

Hullo there little buggie!! Not all buggies are bad...actually, many are good. Continue have been accepted.

We have thoroughly checked this area and give it a 8 paws seal of approval.

I'm working hard..the usual, air and light control tests going not interrupt, please!!

Checking for any introoders..

Yep, I think I need to get our grounds people (a.k.a. Mom and/or Dad) to cut the grass.

What are YOU lookin' at...GET TO WORK!!

I'm takin' a little break here to smell the flowers.

As head gardener, I would like to say that I apologise for the delay in our garden post, but not only did Blogger (oops, I almost wrote 'Booger') keep us from posting (ok, albeit in A DAY LATE), but Mom didn't get on the puter either to help us so this Society of Feline Gardeners post is super late and I send my sincerest apologies to all you gardening fans. We will do our best to be on time this week. (Mom, you hear that?)

I am lion, hear me roar. Well, at least you can hear my bell jingle. Oh, and WHY do I have this humongous bell on me you ask? Because Mom likes to know where I am when I walk around the garden and thanks to this gimongous bell I got into mega trouble the other day when I was VEWY VEWY QWIETWY sneaking down the street...the middle of the street...when Mom came running out of the gate and up to me...SHE HEARD MY BELL JINGLING IN THE STREET (where, as you might guess, I am NOT supposed to be...EVER!) and grabbed me up and gave me a huge scolding. Stupid bell...spoils all the fun. Grrr.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Wood's Wednesday

Dogs and cars; cars and dogs...they just go hand in hand don't they? Well, I'm still not sure if I like cars (does that make me a cat?). I'm not one of those jump-in-the-car-as-soon-as-a-door-is-open dogs, but if Mom (or Dad) tells me to get in the car I do. Sometimes I just sit there (usually feeling a bit icky in my tummy).

I do like to watch out the window in case I see another dog so I can bark at it or at least whine. BUT WAIT!! WHAT IS THAT?? That CAN'T be a dog!! Oh, that is just too freaky looking!! There is NO WAY that that is a dog!!

But mostly I look out at the passing countryside. This time of the year is many vivid colors!!

Usually though, I succumb to a deep sense of drowsiness....before I know it I forget where I am only to wake up when we are home...or when the flashy beast rudely snaps me out of a great dream!! Apparently I'm not the only one who sleeps in the car...Dad always talks about Grandma snoring up a storm..or did he say 'cutting logs' whenever she used to get in the car? What I don't understand is why Dad wishes Mom would sleep in the car....that is a total mystery to me!!

I guess the real truth is that whenever Mom tells me to get in the car I'm wishing that it is because she is going to take me to a playdate with my buddy Barsik. OoooI haven't seen Barsik in soooooo long...hmmm, maybe Barsik knows how to drive!! Man, can you imagine just me and Barsik driving around...ha!! We'd be having a howling good time - FOR SURE!!