Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Watch This Space!

Ok...here's the deal...we don't want to, but we have to take a blogging break for a couple of weeks. Yep. It's outta our paws and you can bet we made a gigantic fuss when Mom told us that we are going to have to 'go off the air' for a while, but in the end, Mom won. She ALWAYS wins...not fair, but she's the one who has the food and the treats so we have to do what she says. But don't forget about us...we WILL be back. And hopefully while we are away, the flashy beast will get better (even if we don't like him, we know he is part of our family) since he suddenly developed a problem and can no longer do what he does best.

So dear friends - all of you - please be good and be safe and be happy and enjoy the summer...we will be thinking about you in the quietness of our non-blogging world.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Lolo Lundi /Lolo Monday

I LOVE a parked car!!

I love to sit IN one...
...and I love to sit NEAR one!!

What do you expect? I'm a MANcat!! haha!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Flat Out

Bored? Not Motivated?


I don't know, but whatever I am, I think a little nap is called for.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Like a Rock

Yep, the guy sleeps like a rock!! I bet I could jump up and down on this bench and he wouldn't even wake up. I won't even waste my energy trying...I prefer him sleeping!! I'll just get up here and take a little nap of my own I think!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Furr-oh-shus Friday

I figure it's important that every now and then I remind you of my furr-oh-shusness, so what better time to do so than today?

As everyone knows, Tiny is really good at finding great sleeping spots. I'm just average at this, so instead of counting on my skills, I just wait and see where Tiny goes, then I go and tell her to get off so that I can sit in the place that she has just warmed up (for me...hahaha!). Today is no exception...see how happy and cozy she looks there? The first step for me is to go up to her to make sure she is looking content with her choice, then I decide on the best strategy for the 'takeover' (also known as the 'thieving').

As always, a take-over begins with an annoying sniff, which does not always cause an immediate reaction, but it does announce the beginning of a challenge...

Experience has taught me that being below your opponent is not always the best strategy in a non-hostile (I am not hostile!) takeover because when I am lower than Tiny, she has more strength AND gravity helps her out, too. So today, I have opted to be somewhere higher than she is. (Aren't I so clever?)

The first move is a gentle nudge...

And here she comes with her wap-wap-wap, but I've predicted this and have moved far enough away (and since I am above her and behind plants, she has an extra difficult time getting to me - haha!).

...and again a gentle nudge...

....and another wap-wap-wap...

...and she's gone!!

And now the spot is MINE!
...oh, she looks like she found another good spot there...hmmm, maybe I should go for that one now...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gardening Thursday

Ever since we joined the Society of Feline Gardeners (please see Cory Cat Blog for more information), we love Thursdays (especially in the Spring and Summer!). As you can see, I was just sitting there enjoying the birds singing, the sweet smell of the flowers and the feel of the soft summer breeze on my face when suddenly I heard a strange noise nearby so I immediately when to investigate. I sniffed around then I pawed around then I sniffed and pawed around and guess what I found hiding in the plants? A lizard!! He was really cute, but he was also really fast so Mom didn't have time to take his picture. I told him to get along because if Tiny sees him he won't be so lucky!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hot Kitties in the City

Wordless Wednesday!!

(Yes, you are right...'Hot Kitties in the City' should be sung like the song 'Hot Child in the City'...if you are old enough to remember/know it!! haha!)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tiny's Tuesday

Hi there! How are you? Yes, finally, I get screen time...had to wrestle it (or rather 'wap-wap-wap' it) away from Lolo the screen hog!! I can't believe the nerve of that guy showing off his tummy like he did yesterday...the guy has no shame...none whatsoever!!

Me, I relax on my side: paws out and tummy tucked in. We CIVILISED cats sleep like THIS...not with our parts on show!!

Huh? What? Oh, yeah, something is stuck to my foot/heel. You see, the darn pine trees around here drop sticky stuff on the ground and if you walk on it all sorts of things will stick to your paws afterwards. I gave up trying to lick it off...not only does it taste bad, I'll just walk on more of again in no time so cleaning it just seems too futile. Just call it 'nature's jewelry'!

Mmmm...I think I'll go back to snoozing. Later pals!


Monday, 14 June 2010

No Shame

Ashamed? Why should I be? I love to relax and I don't care how I look doing it as long as I'm comfortable and Mom always makes sure that I am (and that I won't fall off her lap). Since I have total trust in my Mom, I let myself go into a deep slumber. Life is good. Yawwwwwnnnn!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Anatomy of a Near-Fall

Yeah, yeah....Mom thinks this sequence of pictures is really, really funny. All I can say is that I was having a nice nap in the shade on my comfy cushion when my bottom started to feel like it was being pulled down and down and DOWN!! It was pretty scarey, but I didn't fall. Whew!! That was a close one!! I pulled myself back up on my comfy cushion in the nick of time...oh how I love my red, comfy cushion...it is my friend!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tiny's Tummy

Normally, I am a very elegant ladycat. This is my typical way of relaxing...a pose...but I don't even try, it just comes naturally!! I am just naturally elegant. What can I say?

Very, very rarely - I let my hair down and will succumb to a less-than-elegant position of relaxation. (Someone else around here is the King of Less Than Elegant Relaxation Positions...but word has it you will see more of that in the near future.) This is your lucky day because you are going to see me in one of my rare relaxation positions. Here I am, on Mom's lap (because I would NEVER sit like this on anyone else's lap) letting my tummy be rubbed AND, heaven forbid, photographed!!

OK, get a good look now because I don't think you'll ever see me in this position again...or at least not for a long time!!

On another note...I just wanted to share with you a really funny bug that was flying around in the garden yesterday...it was really small and looked like it had feathers on it but they weren't feathers...anyone happen to know what it could be?