Monday, 19 July 2010

Back but just for today..

Hi Everyone!!! Tiny here. We are momentarily back from our blackout. No, actually, we weren't on holiday, but we had to stop because Mom had an eye operation and didn't want to work on the computer for a while AND the flashy beast got really sick the day before Mom's eye operation and Mom only got a new flashy beast a day ago. To be honest, we kinda enjoyed the flashless days, but we were missing all of you.

Hey People!! Lautrec here! Though Tiny can give me a headache sometimes, I have to say that lately I have been much nicer to her because while we have been 'off the air' Tiny was attacked several times IN OUR GARDEN by an introoder, and now she is so scared to be outside that she only spends a few minutes a day outside and if, during those few minutes, she hears a strange sound, she gets worried right away and looks nervous and most often runs back in the house. Poor Tiny.

I have been doing my best to keep an eye out for that dang Introoder.

I know I couldn't be tough on the Introoder (I'm a marshmallow, don't forget!!), but at least I can give Tiny a warning so she has time to run into the house. Would you believe that that nasty Introoder even came up and attacked Tiny once while she was just sleeping on a chair outside??!! Horrible, mean, beasty Introoder! You can bet that Mom is now on the lookout for that meanie...she keeps a small stone in her pocket to throw at it if ever she sees it so that just shows you how mean it is because Mom loves cats and would never hurt one, but she doesn't like how this Introoder is just attacking Tiny for no reason...that is just WRONG!!

Oh, NOW we really are going on holiday because this week 8 beans will be coming to visit us and Mom doesn't think that with all those beans in the house she will have time to help us with our blog. We're REALLY sorry, but we promise to be back at the beginning of August. Speaking of which, isn't the summer just flyyyyyying by?? I have to go take a nap and soak in all the summer that I can before Winter gets here...which will certainly be too soon!