Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tomorrow is my FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

Can you believe it? Tomorrow I will be ONE YEAR OLD!! I am such a big girl much has changed in my many great things and friends and family and, and...
And speaking of family, Mom says for my birthday present we are adding a new member to the family! Just for me! What? Mom just vetoe'd that ... ok, so the new member isn't for me, but STILL, I'm excited!! See? I'm even SMILING!!

Until then, enjoy me and my one-year-oldness!! I think I look rather smashing for my age! Surely you have to agree that my teeth are stunningly white!! :o))

Monday, 21 May 2012

It Takes Good Dirt

How to Grow a Cat in a Clay Flower Pot

 First, take a rather large clay pot and add a layer of good dirt. Then, place the pot in a warm, sunny spot preferably on a terrace or somewhere where birds sing and the wind makes music as it glides through trees. 
Warning: Do NOT water. Growing cats in pots does not necessitate water!!
Once you have done the above, sit back and watch kitty grow. 
It's like MAGIC!!

And VOILA!! 
You have grown a cat!!
(See? Wasn't that easy!?)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Kickin' Back....Ginger style

I may not be Lolo, but I do know how to kick back on Mom's lap...
Layin' back and watchin' the world go by...

...or WAIT! was that a bird?

Yeah...I think it was...I'm outta here!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Waiting for Elioth..

We are not sure what to expect, but Mom is getting really impatient...

Just to remind you: Elioth was born on 24 February 2012

 First photo: 13 March 2012

 First visit with Mom: 22 March 2012

Most recent photo (from the breeder's website): 13 April 2012

Mom was hoping to go see Elioth after getting back from holidays, but when she contacted Elioth's Mom's Mom, she found out that Elioth's Mom's Mom is going to Australia for THREE WEEKS!! Not to worry, Elioth and his Mom and brothers and sisters will be staying with Elioth's Dad's Mom. Is that clear?

Which means, that the next time Mom gets to see Elioth it will probably be the day that he comes home to live with us! End of May!! Woo hoo!! Just in time for my (Ginger!) birthday! Does that make Elioth a present for me? hehehe!