Monday, 23 January 2012

Princess Ginger speaks up

I'm Princess Ginger!! HaaaHaaaHaaaaa! (tail swinging so fast it looks not like a tail, but like a big, flayed fan behind Ginger's bottom) HaaaahhaaaHERE I am!!! You DO look like you WANT a LICK...NEED a lick...are BEGGING for a lick...

And VOILA!! Tell me you didn't enjoy THAT!!

So, now that you have had a cheer up lick, I'll get you up to speed on what's up around here now that Lautrec has gone off to the playground in the sky: Tiny is, well, she's sorta the same, but actually, I think she is starting to LIKE ME!! I know!! I can't believe it either, but she will actually now even come close to me and let me come close to her! She hisses at me from time to time, but I think there JUST MIGHT BE HOPE!! 

Me, well, though I'm just a baby still, I did have my first heat cycle so Mom and Dad took Ellwood off to dog camp. camp...and he is having a FINE TIME!! He's having such a fine time that he might not want to be back!! I guess there are 2 kids there, and lots of dogs and nice people and he even gets to go on walks with horses! HORSES!! AND! I hear that he even gets to sleep in the beds with the kids!! Man! We don't get to sleep in anyone's bed around here..just our own...well, I don't. Tiny sleeps with Mom and Dad, but we dogs never get to get into their bed. Grrr.

I'm nearly all over my heat cycle so Ellwood will be coming home soon. Then I guess I get to go for some special operation so that Ellwood won't have to go away anymore like he had to this time...what is an 'operation'??? Is it a special meal??? Oooo!! I hope so!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

The heart knows....

As you all said...the heart will know. And it did. It knew that Mr. President just wasn't the boy for us. He was handsome and charming, but there wasn't a the search continues. Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful comments and stories. I loved reading about everyone's searches and their finds...this all means so much to me. I do know that when the right kitty/cat comes along it will be clear. You will, of course, be the first to know!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Picking up the Pieces....

(From the Lolo archives)

Picking up the pieces of my broken heart...

In the wake of Lautrec's death...a huge, immeasurable wake, I am now starting to heal. Never will I forget my dear, sweet, funny, gorgeous and delicate love of a boy, but I know that he is pain free now and playing with lots of other kitties who are over on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I have a huge collection of photos of Lolo and several little videos...I look at them and it is as if he is still here with me. Of course he is...smack in the middle of my heart and always will be.

I have begun searching for a new Oriental Siamese or even just an Oriental (tricolor or tabby)...I'm addicted to those long lines...long legs, long ears, long nose and long, loud, drawn out meows that I have always loved. 

In my search, I have come across some beautiful cats...parents of future kittens or kittens recently born. I'm just letting my heart lead...and fate. As has it, fate might be working now...we'll see...yesterday I was informed of a cat - no, not a kitten - that needs a home...a 4 year old Oriental Siamese Seal Point neutered boy...a love. I thought about it a lot since I learned the news and want to at least meet him. I will know when I see him and 'chat' with him whether it could be a good 'fit' to bring him into the house of Tiny, Ellwood and Ginger. 

One thought I had in favour of possibly bringing home Mr. President (they boy's name is: Barak Obama...) is that as he is an adult, it might be easier for Tiny to accept him than if I brought home a brand new tiny kitten that might perturb her greatly; making her feel old and unloved. What are your thoughts? Any experience with this? I would really love to hear what anyone has to say and suggestions. I will meet Mr. President tonight.

My husband thinks it isn't a good idea to get a cat that is already 4 years old, but I'm not thinking about this...I thinking about the person he is and about the fact that he is being kicked out of his home (his parents are having marital problems and it seems they blame the cats...???). The timing is good...did fate bring him to me? I don't know, but I do want to meet him and just see/feel how it goes...I wouldn't be obliged to take him, but he would be available if I do want to bring him home. I do believe that if I meet him I will know the answer.

Please, please give me your thoughts on all this. Last night, for the first time, I didn't cry myself to sleep thinking of Lolo...well, I cried, but not bawling tears. I do miss him terribly though.

Monday, 9 January 2012

SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO SAD :.o((

(Thank you so much Ann at Zoolatry for this wonderful image)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Good bye LoLOVE...good bye my sweet boy...

Tonight, after another 3 hours of IV, Lautrec wasn't doing any better...last night, he got up and vomited, but did not drink or pee. The doctor said that after 2 days of IV we should have seen a was the 5th the vet said the only thing to do would be to operate and see what is inside.

At 8:15 this evening - Sunday - Lautrec was prepared for his operation...I held him while the narcosis took effect...talking to him and singing his song to him and telling him all the sweet words I always told him. I thanked him for all the love he brought to me and all that he taught me and told him that if he wanted to stay, I would be right here waiting for him, but that I would understand if he needed to go.

At 8:45, the vet came and told us that Lautrec had massive and extensive cancer. Unoperable. I went to see with his insides showing all the sickness that he had been carrying around in silence and suffering from. While he was still breathing, but under narcosis, I had a last chance to kiss his sweet soft head and to tell him that I will love him forever and that I will wait for him to come back to me as he did before. (I firmly believe that Lautrec was the reincarnation of my first Siamese cat Lao'tza, whom I loved with equal passion).

I am just devastated and after bawling my eyes out for hours am completely exhausted. It all happened so fast and I never even knew he had cancer. And now, I am just aching through my entire body in the wake of his sweet, sweet boy. I take comfort in knowing that he no longer hurts and suffers - for he was surely hurting and suffering these last days, of that I am sure...this is what helps me to accept his departure. Now, it is I that suffers...the enormous hole that he has left in my life and the lives of Tiny, Ellwood and Ginger (who loved her Uncle Lolo so much).

Good by Baby, good bye.......I LOVED YOU SO MUCH AND ALWAYS WILL.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday update on Lolove

Today was another day of 4.5 hours of IV drip. During the night last night, Lolo got up twice and had long drinks of water (yes, all on his own!) and pee'd twice!! He did vomit up water once, but afterwards he returned and drank some more and kept it down that time. After his IV today, he pee'd again very yellow pee. This is important as it means he is clearing out the poisons that have come from his damaged is necessary - if I understand it all correctly - to help flush out the bad by doing the daily will help his skin color come back too, eventually. It is very slow and we are looking at many more days of IVs. I don't mind...if it means that it will help Lolo, I will do it. He is my boy. If I could, I would fly to the moon for him.

On another note, Ginger has gone into heat so now we must keep her and Ellwood separate. To do this we have asked the breeder we bought Ellwood (and Ginger) from to keep him for a couple of weeks until Ginger has passed the critical stage of her heat cycle...then, on 1 February, she will  be 'fixed'. Yes, she is only 7 months old and we were also shocked that she is already in heat...the timing for it is really bad especially with Lolo being so sick AND Ellwood's 'chemical castration' (a slow release capsule under his skin that acts chemically to reduce his 'drive') coming its end NOW resulting in his hormones 'waking up' just when we need them to be sleeping. Nature sure has a way of playing what it thinks are practical jokes on us. Personally, I am not laughing at this time..maybe in the future when all is seemingly in place I will see the humor in it.

For the moment, we are just taking each day as it comes and I continue to love my boy Lolo like crazy, to thank him for everything he has brought to my life, and to accept that perhaps he won't make it another day, though I am filled with joy each morning that he looks at me from under the covers and meows and purrs. I guess what I want to say is that when you love someone...TELL THEM. Never let a day go by without saying 'I love you' doesn't cost a thing, but it is priceless. Besides, if you say it, you can't regret NOT having said it. Right?

Thank you all so much for your continued purrayers....they are soooooo appreciated. Lolove sends you his love.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Evening Lolove Update

Yesterday, Thursday, we spent most of the day at the vet doing a very slow IV drip - 5 hours of it - after which we returned home, Lolo vomited a little, THEN pee'd. Yay! I was so happy for this as he hadn't taken a wee in several days. During the night, which was restless, he did get up and took a long drink of water by himself...yay!! Today, we were back at the vet for a 4 hour session of an IV drip (a little bit faster this time)...during the drip, Lolo ate a few bisquits (yay!) and just after the vet took him off the drip, he pee'd again. I know these are small things and I shouldn't take too much joy in them, but they are improvements, right? Also, today Lolove was very alert and interested in all that was going on. He was even fidgety a bit during the IV as opposed to being lethargic. When we returned home, he didn't just get in his basket and sleep, but got up, hobbled downstairs (his paw is wrapped up because of the IV whatchamacallit in his front paw) to sit on a chair near where the dogs often go.

As I write this, Lolo is sleeping beside me; occasionally jerking or moving as cats do in teir sleep.

The vet said that we should light a candle for him that he makes it. I know he is still far from being 'out of the woods' and that I should also be prepared for a bad turn that could happen, but I just really want to believe that he will come through. He hears all your purrs and feels all your headbutts and nosetaps, he hears the prayers and feels the positive energy you are sending...I hoping above hope that he will use all this to pull through this horrible time. Poor baby, he is literally yellow. Anywhere where skin shows, it is yellow. I know this is a bad sign, but like I said, we are doing all we can to pull him through. I want to believe that he will make it. He must. I love him so!! He is LOLOve!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lolove update - Wednesday evening

First of all, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORDS OF HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT!! Lautrec has been smothered with cyber kisses and serenaded with cyber purring...thank you so much for thinking of him!!

Today, we again spent several hours at the vet. Two of those hours were spent just sitting in the vets office while Lautrec received an IV first, he vomited about 5 minutes into the drip, but once the drip rate was slowed down, he didn't vomit any more. After about 20 minutes on the drip, he lifted his head and started taking notice of his surroundings which was a good sign since when we got to the vet, he just lay there in his wool blanket lined carrying bag seemingly oblivious to the world..not even reacting in his trademark way to the word 'chicken'. After the drip was finished and we had to change rooms, he was very vocal in his Siamese way...good!

Once we were home, he went to the food dish and had a few..just a few, bisquits...good! He hadn't eaten anything since yesterday though during the day he did have some milk. But to be honest, before going to the vet and on the way there (a 45 minute drive), he was so listless and unresponsive that I was fearing the worst.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is another day...I hope that during the night he finds it in his heart to go to the toilet (it has been several days that he hasn't gone) and to not vomit. Of course, I also hope he is feeling better and it shows, but the vet said he is very sick and that he won't heal in just a couple of days. Also, the jaundice (yellow skin) will take a while to go away, too.

But just having a meowing, purring Lautrec is good news to me...I just hope and pray that he is recovering and that this is not just a temporary, drug-induced improvement. I love my baby boy so much!! He truly is my LOLOve!

BTW, Tiny is doing fine though she is very worried about Lautrec and shows it by being rather nervous around him. She even has worked herself up to the point of vomiting spit (no food)...she is a nervous girl anyway, so this does not surprise me...perhaps she is just mirroring my worry in her own way. Bless her...she is so sweet and so touching! She lover Lolo, her way!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lolove....VERY SICK

Hello Everyone...

Sorry for not blogging for some time, but Lautrec is very ill and I fear greatly for his life. He not only has yellow skin, but has a half-functioning liver and pancreas problems. He has not eaten for several days nor had any water. We spent the good part of the day at the vet yesterday undergoing several different tests, x-rays and ultrasounds. The FIV test was inconclusive as it came out neither positive nor negative. He also has inflammation around his lungs. He needs to do a poop, but won't consider visiting the litter box.

I 'injected' water in his mouth last night, but this morning he vomited back up. The vet gave him antibiotics and something to help the swelling go down. 

Lautrec is laying in his basket next to me and is purring...bless him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please say a prayer for him that he gets better.  The vet (who speaks Czech and I only sort of speak it) says we can only wait and see what happens (but, of course, will do all he can in the interim)...though he did say prayers are also good. So, I am asking you to please say one (or more, if you can spare them) for my dear, sweet boy.

Thank you. Cat