Monday, 31 October 2011

Tiny's Tuesday - A Tale of Two Boys

Hi there Efurryone! It's Tuesday so that means you get me: Tiny. 
And this Tuesday is a Twos Day...
A Tale about Two Boys Day.

The first boy is Lolo(ve).
Just to let you know, he did go to the vet yesterday and the vet said that Lolo has some kidney issues again...and the fact that he was dehydrated only added to his kidney problems so he got some liquid injections and some medication. The vet told Mom that Lolo should have 3 of those syringes (the one if front of him in the picture) of water per day...which is about 10dl (don't ask me what that is in ounces..I'm French!). Which means if he doesn't drink that approximate amount by himself, Mom should use that syringe to 'shoot' water into his mouth.
Personally, I'm looking forward to the water fights.

(Lautrec) 'What? No, no, shooting water into my mouth!
I'll drink! I'll drink!!

And our second boy on this TwosDay is Ellwood.
Don't bother straining  your eyes, you won't see him in this picture though this is exactly where he was last seen. 
Actually, at the time of us writing this, we don't see him anywhere as he has once again (ONCE AGAIN!!) gone off galavanting...
this time he just simply took off during a nice walk he was on with Mom, Dad and Ginger and decided not to listen when he was called back. 
That was at 3:30 in the afternoon....he still isn't home!! He's been gone for 7 hours though just a little while ago he was heard barking outside, but when Mom and/or Dad went to get him, he was no longer there.

I'm so glad I'm a smart, clever and well-behaved girl...
that drinks her 10dl of water a day.
UPDATE: Ellwood came home at 07:30 this morning after several 'passings' by the house just to bark and run (and get Mom out of bed and outside in the cold, empty night). He really is a teenager. As I write this he is sleeping and has a great look of self-pity on his (dirty) face.

Lolo's Monday

I'm sleeping. Can't you tell?
I don't feel very good. Don't know why...
Maybe it is the cold weather? The clock change?
Perhaps I'm a bit jealous of the dogs.
Or the visitors that came for the night.

I'm just not that hungry...well, I did have some chicken. 
Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

Sorry we didn't post on Thursday and Friday...
Mom was away from home so we had no help. 
Geez, so hard to find good help these days.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ginjah's Woofin' Wednesday

 Oh please don't tell me I have to get off of this chair!! It's sooo comfy!

And just look how CUTE I look sitting here!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

 I KNOW you're looking at me...

 What? What is it??

Oh Paaaleeeze! You aren't going to tell me I look pretty on pink are you?
You are so boring...please go, let me be...happy and pretty on pink.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lolo's Monday

I hate getting out of bed in the morning. 
Even when Mom wants to change the sheets.
I just stay. 
And she takes everything away that she can..
then surrounds me with the fitted sheet.

Hmmm...maybe I had better move or I just might end up with the wash...
 hanging outside to dry!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Four on Friday!

Ellwood: Ginger, I have a strange feeling that trouble is not far you have that same feeling? Gosh, I just can't understand why...or what?!
Ginger: Gosh, I hope Uncle Lolo is here. I love Uncle Lolo!
Lolo: Tiny, can you see what is on that chair? I smell dawg...
Tiny: There better NOT be any dogs around here!

Ellwood: Mom!! Did you know they were there?
Ginger: Hi Uncle Lolo!! I love you soo much!
Lolo: Uh, DUUUUHHH Ellwood! You think she's blind?
Tiny: C'mon Ellwood, LOOK at me....I DARE you!

Ellwood: Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man...... what to do? We gotta get outta here...
Tiny: Come here little doggie...I think you have a bit of fluff on your nose that I need to scratch pick off.
Lolo: Back off there little missie...
Ginger: But Uncle Lolo, I love you!! Don't you recognise me? it's me...GINGER...your sleeping buddy!!

Ellwood: OK, Ginger...the best thing to do is to NOT look at them...pretend they are not there...GINGER! Don't look!! Cats are like the evil Medusa...if you look at them you'll turn you to stone...
Tiny: ...or you'll get your face wapped!!
Ginger: But Uncle Lolo, I LOVE you!!
Lolo: Get over it'll never work.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Outside, but no gardening!

 It's cold...and it rains sometimes and the sunshine isn't so warm anymore... 
but it still is kinda cool out there...

 I mean, hey! no matter the weather, there are still things to discover, right? 
Look at me, I'm discovering a river!!

 And look at this cool bush...who would have ever thought that fuchsia pink and orange would look so good together, but they do...
right on this bush made by Ma Nature!!

What about this? Isn't this the oddest thing you've ever seen? It looks like the little tree is hugging the big tree!
Mom and I found this in the middle of the forest!! 
Nature is so cool even if the weather is cold. 
Perhaps I should just get myself a coat so that I can go out and enjoy it until the warm sun comes back. 

What? I could borrow Ellwood's coat from last year? You think?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Woofin' Wednesday - Shadow Dancin'

 Hi there again!! It's me, Ginjah!!

Yep, and there is Ellwood running and running and running. 
Actually, Ellwood has been doing a lot - I MEAN A LOT - of that lately. So much so that I am getting rather annoyed at him....why? Well! Ellwood's new trick is that when Mom, Ellwood and I (and sometimes Dad) go for a walk, Ellwood is great and fun and silly and all that with me for the first half-hour of the walk, then he DISAPPEARS!! Seriously!! Several nights in a row he hasn't come home until 04:00 in the MORNING/NIGHT! 
Do you believe it??

Well, he did it AGAIN yesterday after our nice nice walk in the forest near our house. I just don't understand why he does it. Afterall, we had a great time running around the rocks and structures, waiting for Mom and Dad, and shootin the breeze while admiring our surroundings. 

Seriously! The forest is so cool!! 
Just look at those rock formations...even they are smiling!!

And look at the way the shadows kinda ooze all over the rocks!! 
Isn't that just cool? Mom and Dad took lots of pictures...I honestly don't know what they will do with them all...

BUTT! The best picture is of our butts!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tiny's Tuesday - Ying and Yang

Tiny: Lautrec...GET OUT!!

Tiny:  MOMMMMMM!! 
Lautrec won't get out of the bag!
Would you make him get out?

Tiny: Yeah, he was in it first...
BUT that doesn't matter,
I'm the oldest one around here.
Doesn't that mean anything to ANYONE?

Lautrec: Geez Tiny, relax...
you don't even like to get in the bag. 
Tiny: Oh shut up you...
that has nothing to do with it!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lolo's Monday...and WHAT?!

I see you looking at me.

Haven't you ever seen anyone sleeping?

Stop looking at me as if I have three heads!!
Go on! 

 Fine, I'm just going to ignore you...


Friday, 14 October 2011

Friends on Friday - Update on Berda and Agent!!

Hi there!! Remember last Friday Ellwood told you about our friends Berda and Agent and that they both needed operations? 
Well, they had them...Berda had a large ulcer removed from her tummy and Agent had his spleen removed because of a tumor on it (on the whole thing).

Well, on Monday they weren't feeling too great.
On the left is Agent and on the right is Berda.

But we have GREAT news!! Yesterday, this is how they looked!!
Yep, that is Berda (the grandma!) on the left and Agent on the right.
We've even heard that Agent has been sneaking out of his garden to visit his lady friends!! Just after his operation and he can't wait to see his friends!!

Berda (which is a way of saying 'bug' or 'ladybug' in Polish - because her bean Mom is Polish) looks small next to Agent, but we learned that she is no longer giving back her food and that on her walk yesterday she even looked happy again!!


And Berda's and Agent's bean family asked us to tell you a BIG THANK YOU. 
They were so touched by all your kind comments that they cried!! 
Purrs and woofs ROCK!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thoggy Thursday

 It's raining, it's pouring, the Lolo is snoring...

Sure, it IS raining and pouring and all that, but you're wrong...
Don't even THINK it again or I'll WAP ya good!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Woofin' Wednesday

Hi there, Ginger (Ginjah!) here... 

Tiny sends her excuses for not posting yesterday. She said she just didn't feel like writing anything about herself (women are so fickle!! - I'm just a girl, so I can say that!! haha!). What I wonder is WHAT she actually did with her day (or any other day for that matter) seems that all Tiny and Lautrec do is laze around and do nothing. 

At least Ellwood and I work. In fact, we have lots of jobs...we shred wood and paper, we wrestle with each other, we OCCASIONALLY bark at things (though Mom really doesn't like us doing what she calls 'useless barking'), we run around the garden and make holes in fun places...etc. 

And when I'm not working in tandem with Ellwood, I freelance...

Look, I'm a cappucino holder!!

But I'm also a clown..

and a flirt...

...and I am a MEEN DAWG...

...but my favourite freelance job is being JUST PLAIN CUTE!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Lolo's Monday

 Some call me a 'Momma's Boy'. 

 Sure, I like to sleep in comfy places and have Mom's sweater over me.

 And have Mom come and give me kisses...lots of kisses. And maybe that she bring me treats while I'm there in a comfy place under her sweater. Oh, and maybe that she tells me that she loves me and adores me and that I am so gorgeous, etc., etc.

But I ask you: 
Does that really make me a Momma's Boy?