Wednesday, 22 August 2012


So here's my story - the official version:
Mom was out with the dogs. I was minding my business in Mom's studio when a very strangely appealing odor CALLED me from the depths of one of Mom's desk drawers.
I tried to ignore it, but it kept on calling me. So I did some snoopin' around (I'm a mega-good snooper!) and after some serious digging in that drawer, I found what was calling me: A HUGE BAG OF PREMIUM QUALITY NIP!!
Of course, I'm just a kid (we will be only 6 months old on Friday) and I don't know anything about kitty drugs so I seriously had NO CLUE that this stuff that was calling to me was some kind of drug. All I know is that it told me to take the whole package and rip it open ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!

So I did...
 And suddenly, I was teleported to heaven!! HEHHHHH-VINNNN!!

 And all I wanted to do was roll and roll...

 ...and smell and roll and get that marvelous heaven ALL OVER ME!!


 I was just SOOOOO HAPPY I wanted to bite anything!

But that was about the moment that Mom walked into the room....
...I thought Mom was going to explode, but then she just started laughing.

Monday, 13 August 2012


(Ellwood:) Holidays are such fun! 
Beach holidays are super fun!
I especially love Sand Frisbee!
(In case you don't know what 'Sand Frisbee' is, it's what I call it when I jump in the air and bite at globs of wet sand that are tossed at me.)

Of course, jumping is fun, but getting people to throw sand for me is a lot of work and no matter how cute I try to make myself look, no one will do it for me all day long and I can't throw the sand for myself, so....
..when there is no jumping to do, I dig!!
Dig, dig, DIG!!
Digging is also fun!!

 (Ginger:) Paff...jumping after icky wet sand then trying to spit it out from your mouth is not my idea of fun. Nope. I prefer to run all over the beach!!

And since there are other dogs, I naturally MUST police every one of them and make sure they know that I am the Beach Boss.

Sadly, for some reason Mom thinks that me running around bossing other dogs is NOT a good idea, so she attached me to a piece of driftwood that was stuck in the sand.
Hmpf!! Ah well, don't worry, it wasn't very hot out (hey! we were waaaay up north on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland) and there was a lovely breeze that sang sweet songs to me.

When we weren't on the beach, we were walking in the forest. Look! Our friends the Irish Terriers were there, too...
Remember Agent, Eureka and Berda (the grandma)?? 
Yep, that's them! We were on holidays TOGETHER!

 Holidays are terribly draining and after a day of digging, jumping, playing, and bossing (policing!!), our dawgs is tired!!

 But not so tired that I can't give a few kisses to Elioth!

 Admit it, he does make for a great pillow!! haha!

 And while we are out working hard as dawgs, would you believe 
those lazy, good-for-nothing cats were just lying around!?
(FYI: the kittens came on holiday, too! Since Tiny HATES to travel, she stayed home to hold down the fort - our neighbor came to feed and love her during our absence.)

HA!! So since they can do it, WE MUST ALSO!!

Good night...the sun is going to take a big nap so I think this would be the perfect time for us to wish you a good nights' sleep!!
Yawn.... Good night!!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Let's Play!!

 Hi there!! Whatcha doin'?

 Did you come to visit ME?

 You wanna play??

C'mon!!! Let's play!! I love, love, love to play with my throw toy!!
I'm waiting! I'm waiting!!