Monday, 30 April 2012

1 Cool Cat & 2 Hot Dawgs

 SO difficult. 
Suddenly we have not just Spring, but SUMMER!! 
It is so warm out! How does a little dawg keep cool? 
I'm talking cool as a cat?

 I try different poses, positions, etc., but still I remain a hot dawg. 
Ellwood too. He's no cooler than me!

 Yes, dawgs will try to imitate the unimitatable..

 But we ALL KNOW that coolness is something a dawg can never really achieve...

 and certainly NEVER the coolness of a me.

 Oh, but I do try! An ear up, nose in the direction of the wind...

 Honey, don't bother...the secret to coolness is that it is 99% state of mind. 
(We cats know that dogs have no minds to speak of so, well, coolness is completely impossible. hehe)

 Ellwood and I try to look cool together. 
Sadly, Ellwood is no better at coolness than I am.

 Left and right, high and low we look for the coolness factor.

To no avail.
It seems we are doomed to be hot dawgs.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Some holiday!!

Well, MOM called it a holiday because she and dad went off to Switzerland and France (where I was born), but they didn't take any of us (something about airplanes and etc.). 

'Mon Petit Lapin' a.k.a. MPL sleeping on 'his' place on a shelf above a nice, warm radiator...hey!! MPL lives in the was cold AND rainy while Mom and Dad were there so you can imagine that 18-year-old MPL needed to be on his spot!

Rest assured though, when the sun came out, MPL was out and about!!

 'Marius' - a strange name for a girl kitty!! She is a neighbor's cat who, as a result of difficulties at birth, has a tail that either lies flat on her back or hangs straight down behind her...her back legs also drag a bit...

 ...but that doesn't keep Marius from taking long walks!

Then there was 'Arlette'...when she isn't eating, she is bathing or sleeping!!

 Mom and Dad visited a nearby goat farm where they make goat's milk cheese. Look!! A 1-day old baby goat there next to its mom!! And those other 2 are also babies, but they are 3 days old each. You can imagine the squealing that Mom made....

 Bigger goat!!

 Mom and Dad and their friends took lots of dried bread to the goats (you can't see it but it is there in the dried grass) and they were soooooo happy!!

THEY weren't lonely because they not only had their friends to visit, but the furkids of their friends! But me, Tiny, I had to STAY ALL ALONE in our apartment!! Geez!! Talk about unfair!! I got the worst deal and it is I that is the one that deserves the best deal!! Ellwood was staying with a really nice couple - friends of mom and dad - and Ginger was with her first and real moms...the breeder...with the 13 dogs that they have. So, you see, they weren't lonely. BUT I WAS!! This is me (below) BEFORE they went on holiday (and before it sunk into my head that I would be alone except for the daily visits of Natalia, our neighbor, who would feed me and TRY to give me lovin'....I'm rather too shy to just let anyone love me, you know....)

Well, they are home now, and, well...I AM SO HAPPY!! I was even happy to see Ellwood when he came home...Ginger isn't home yet, but maybe I will even be happy to see her!! Who knows!!?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Who is calling who LAZY?!

 Mom calls us lazy dogs.


 ..good for nothin'...


 But, you know, I ask you: