Friday, 29 July 2011

Paw It Forward Friday!!! Wooooo Hooooo!! Prezzies!!

Our blogfriends at THE POUPONETTE (if you don't know the Pouponette Gang, you must go meet them, they are mega-cool and we love them) recently informed us that our name was drawn as the winner of their Paw It Forward drawing. As you can surely imagine, we were ABSOLUTELY ELATED. We love getting picked!! (Well, personally, I hate it when Mom picks at my nose to get fluff out of it, but I'm not talking about that kind of picking here - Whew!) We regret that it has taken us a week to post this, but we've been so busy enjoying all the loot we got we just couldn't sit down for a second!! But since we captured the whole event on film, we thought we would share it with you.

1. It was a nasty, cold, rainy day but the sun came out when the postwoman rang our doorbell and handed Mom this package.

2. We, the senior council in the house, of course had to check out the package that was addressed to the three of us (Tiny, Me and The Dawg).

3. We couldn't leave the package all wrapped up so we went about opening it...

4. Then we (ok 'I') immediately started to snoop.

5. Of course, Tiny was just a tiny bit curious about it all...

6. Well, maybe a bit more than a tiny bit!

7. But I wasn't sure I wanted to share that box.

8. I wanted to at least have first dibs on its contents.

9. But then Tiny muscled her way in and started doing an inventory on the box's contents.

10. And boy was she serious!

11. Look what she pulled out! What on earth is a 'Boogie Mat'?12. Neither of us knew, but as you can tell, it smells really good.

13. While Tiny was 'boogy-ing' away, I was checking out the other things in the box...a bag of Da NIP (WoooHooo!!), a nip chipmunk, treats for the dawg, a toy for the dawg, a bag of 'cat caviar' (fishy shavings - tastey stuff!!) and a jar of honey from Chartres (for the hoomans - they love that stuff!)

14. Me, I like the nip and will admit to occasionally enjoying a niptini....15. ...but Tiny here, well, she is a serious nip addict!! Look at her! She is sooo busted!!

16. Has she no shame? She is ALL OVER that nip chipmunk!

17. And don't even THINK about taking it away from her or you'll risk life and limb!

18. Though if you wait long enough, she'll be lost in 'happy land' and will smile at you!

18. While Tiny was on her way to another galaxy I stole myself a moment on the Boogie Mat...19. And YAAAAAHHHH, I just couldn't get enough of that!! Boogie like you just can't boogie no more....


21. Oh, Boogie Mat....I think I love you!!

22. Once I sobered up a bit (geez, that stuff just turns a kitty into a tiger!), I looked at the information about the Boogie Mat....really cool! I think I'll check out their website:

23. Tiny was still happily loving life with her newfound friend, Chippie...

24. Finally though, she came up for air and gave Chippie a rest.

25. I then posed for a picture with all our loot...see the nice card there with a picture of all the Chans and Tom? We love it!!

26. Of course, Tiny, after prolonged exposure to too much of a good thing, had to bully her way into the picture.

27. What I didn't know at that time was that she had snuck off with a bag of the 'Zoom' (nip) and was working her way to a second trip to outer space!! Good thing Mom caught Tiny before she turned into some kind of Jurassic Park creature!!

28. Oh sure, she looks so calm and collected here, but don't let that innocent face fool you...she is serious nip-o-holic.

29. And her addition is a problem for me because it means I have to keep constant vigil on her because if there is nip to be had, she will find it. Mom finally hung the nip on the attic ceiling (seriously!!) to make sure that Tiny couldn't get to it if left on her own in the room!!

30. Finally, not like we could leave Ellwood out of the whole package party, here is a close-up of what he got: his new favourite chew/rope toy and treats!!

31. Mom took the toy to him and he was immediately all over that thing.

32. He didn't even want to let go for his new treats...

33. But then Mom opened the package and the second he got a wiff (woof?) of what was inside he immediately dropped his toy.

If you haven't already participated and won in a Paw It Forward contest, you'll get your chance - we will be doing a drawing for the new Paw It Forward recipient soon!! Watch this space!!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gardening Thursday - Big leaves, tiny squash

Hi there gardening buddies!!

I don't know about you, but I like to go sit under the big pumpkin/squash leaves.

The sweet perfume of the compost pile is delicious...mmmm!

Today, I was doing just that when Tiny came along and found me!

Together, we found Mom!

As you can see, the leaves are HUGE.....BUT the actual 'fruit' is really small. Mom read that if the fruit is small it is often the result of not enough sunshine and warm weather. BINGO! We have had a lot of rain lately, low temperatures and not much sunshine. Grrrr!!

Who do I have to beg to get more sunshine and warm weather?

(Tiny: I'll just sit here and look pretty and make goo-goo eyes...perhaps that carries some weight in the whole scheme of the universe. Hmm?)

IMPORTANT REQUEST: We learned that our gardening buddy/mentor Jonesie (Society of Feline Gardeners) was attacked in her own yard by a mean little a result, Jonesie is afraid to go back outside - in the garden. Evfurryone, please, please, please, go tell Jonesie that we are all purring for her to find her courage and come back out...we'll all be behind her emotionally (we would be there physically, too, if we could!!). Oh yeah, make sure to suggest to her to ask Grete to be her doggyguard....there's no way that dang little mean dawg will mess with Grete!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Wood's Wednesday - A Field Day

I'm having a Field Day!!!
Can't you tell?