Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gone, gone, GONE!!

(Ginger:) We know HOW it went, but not WHERE it went.

(Ginger:)We are glad it went, but we aren't sure where it went...
(remember: it is our JOB to know all that goes on around here!)

(Ginger:) I think it went out the big green doors from our garden. 
Ellwood isn't sure, but thinks Mom took it into the house.

(Ginger:) Ah c'mon Dude-wood, it's just our old fur!!
Why do you look so worried?

(Mom:) Hi you two beautiful doggies!! 
Actually, your old fur (about a kilo of it), is sitting in clumps under various trees and shrubs in the garden so the birds can find it and make warm, cozy nests for their eggs!

(Ellwood:) yeah, I knew that!!
(Ginger:) Too cool, Mom!!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Selfie - Ginger

Yeah, I'm tired and I wanna sleep.
Why? Because yesterday we took a walk with our Irish Terrier friends
Agent, Yorika and Pomery and they are big dogs...
and I am a little dog so I had to run twice, no, THREE times as hard
to keep up with them and we went for a LONG walk.
And I'm still tired.
Never the less, here's my Sunday selfie.

Now, please forgive me, but this girl has to get her beauty rest.

P.S. Happy First Sunday of Spring!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A trick of the eye...errr, PAW!!

I know, you're telling yourself that something looks really wrong about this picture.

That it is physically impossible to have a front paw and a back paw together in this position.

Well, you're wrong AND you're right!! 

Wrong because it can be done..
...and right because it took two of us (Chouchou and me) to do it
and not just a 'me' (Elioth)!!

Notice that Chouchou's paws are different colors?
Like that, if she had to, she could hide in a big bucket of Straciatella ice cream (haha!!). 

Until that day (never) comes, 
we will both hide in our warm, cozy, 
straciatella looking bed on the fireplace. Ahhhhh!!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Me, my (Sunday) selfie and I

Me, me, me, MEEEEEE!!
 Happy Selfie Sunday!

Princess Ginger

You had your doubts?
WE are not amused!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Biffin Brother... (by Chouchou)

Hello Everyone, Chouchou here. This morning, I was fine and dandy sleeping ALONE in the cat bed on the warm furnace, but then along came my biffy brother Elioth who somehow is under the (oh-so-VERY-false) impression that the world wants to hear him biffin' for hours on end. (If you aren't sure what 'biffin' is think about what it sounds like...and my definition of it being what someone does when they whine and complain a lot). 

 Yeah, if it wasn't enough that we had to have him whining in Dolby Surround Sound quality all morning long (going on and on and on ad nauseum about how it is sooooo not fair that he can't go outside whenever he wants), he had to come and ruin the good thing I had going on this comfy, cozy warm bed all to myself. 
I was super good..I was so fine...I was in bliss...
then ol' Mister Mouthy had to come along and rain on my parade.

(Elioth in the background:) What, what, what, what, WAIT!! 
Are you talking about me? 
Nope! I don't. 
Nooooo, I do no such thing. 
How dare you accuse me of biffin' 
AND telling the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that I whine! 
I am not, not, NOT a whiner. 
I'm not. 
I am just vocal.
Hey! I'm entitled! I'm Siamese. 
It's practically mandatory to be vocal!!

(Chouchou:) Oh, paleeeeze...I'm Siamese, too, ya mud head! 
Remember? We have the same parents! 
Do you see ME biffin'? Noooo.

(Elioth:) You were yesterday.

(Chouchou:) Hisss!!! 
That wasn't biffin.
I was....SINGIN'!!