Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wild and Crazy Czech Dogs

And to fulfill our need to be wild and crazy, we got to take a walk in a big field...
Ahhh, the weather was like Spring 
and the air had the sweet smell of dry (well, soggy dry grass).
See those white specks in the yellow grass? 
That's us!!

Enjoying the sweet smell of FIELD MICE!!
Alright little guys...c'mon outta there and say hello to us...
(Sadly, they did not want to be sociable!!!)

On Sunday we took a walk in the forest.
Mom and Dad walk sooo slow that Mom only ever takes pictures of our bottoms!

So I turned around so you can see my sweet Ginger face!!
Wanna lick?

We might be WILD & CRAZY, but we don't like to be WET & COLD...

I can say one thing about snow:
NO, NO, NO!!
(Do I look pitiful enough??)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Ginger: MOM IS A LIAR!!!

 There we were on the vet TO GET MY STITCHES OUT!!!

 I was a bit worried that it might hurt...

 I looked to Mom for guidance...

 ..because my tummy was looking like this (though I never got to see it like you can here)...and Mom said that in just a few minutes, we would be able to take off the HORRIBLE SWEATER FOREVER!!!

At least while we waited (and waited),
Ellwood and I got to watch Animal TV: Gus the parrot (see him there in that cage?).

Finally, we saw the vet. 
He only took out HALF of my stitches...


Mom: Ginger!! I'm so sorry! I SWEAR I didn't know it would be like that!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday stroll...

Ok, so the actual stroll wasn't today, it was 2 days ago...
but STILL!! 

 Come along with us anyway!

 Mom said it is a good thing that I have a sweater on and that we have a few black spots on us or she just might lose us even if we are standing right in front of her...I don't get what she means though...

 We love sniffing in the snow and checking everything out..and running. And me, Princess Ginger, it is my job to always make sure that Ellwood isn't getting into any trouble. To do this, I must constantly be right there with him whenever he finds something...

...or, as the case often is...nothing!

Yesterday Mom, Dad and Auntie Iva went to a cat show in Prague...they saw some really nice cats (yeah, I bet they did!!! hehehe!)...lots of really huge Maine Coons (some of them weighed 10.5 kg!! Man!! That's waaay more than I weigh), but only a few orientals and siamese. Mom said that the oris and siamese they saw were really pretty...there was a siamese red point there called 'Gentleman' and he, according to Mom, was very handsome...and there was even a siamese that looked a lot like Lolo, which, of course, made Mom cry. 

We do hope she finds a new kitty soon....(but I hope she doesn't get one of those Maine Coons...I bet one of those cats could whip Ellwood's and my butts with one paw!) 

Oh!! We got a souvenir from the cat show! Mom bought us a new of those on a wand that has flingy-dingy things at the end of it!! Wooo hooo! I think I like cat shows!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tiny Talks

Hello!...Tiny here...I figured a voice of wisdom and authority should pop in now and again to check things out before this blog goes totally to the dawgs. I mean SERIOUSLY!! What would the BadCats be if there are no bad cats around to keep the MeenDawgs in line!!?

And about me: I take lots of naps because a lady of my age really needs them, but when I'm not sleeping, I'm over-seeing Mom's production of her cats and birds. 

 For example, before I let Mom take this photograph of little blue kitty, I had to first make sure that little blue kitty was up to snuff.

 ....yo! little guy....look sharp!...

...Ears in good shape? ...yup..I think they should be fine....

....alrighty...this little guy is ready to go!!

I take my work seriously!! And I have a lot to off I go!! See you next time!! Have a great day! Purrs to everyone...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just because....AND Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K

 You're probably wondering what I am doing...
...wellll, to be honest...I don't know....
I just felt like laying like this...
hey! I'm PRINCESS Ginger...I can do WHATEVER I want!!
And because today is Valentine's Day
I would like to give you a great, big kiss!!

Enough of me (for now).

Today is really about our friend
and Pillars of Strength
We know what nastiness cancer is...we lost our beloved Lolo to it.

K is facing some very challenging health issues and has her next round of chemotherapy on Friday, February 17.
Please visit her blog as soon as possible
and wish her well.
She can use all our support and love.
Go there for her.
Everyone can use purrs and tail wags in tough times
so go give her all you've got....please!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hi Everyone!!! We're back!! We MISSED YOU!!
Mom's computer died after my first and only Princess Ginger post which explains our long absence...sorry!!

Here are some photos to update you on how we have been....
 Ellwood and I snuggling in this REALLY COLD WEATHER!!

 I love my big brother!!

 Then, there was the trepidation before the operation 
(wow!! did I just make a rhyme?)
which was last Wednesday, 8 February...

 ...not knowing what to expect...

...not knowing that my tummy would look like this RIGHT NOW...

....but enjoying recovery time with the Wood...
(and the copious doses of chicken I am getting!)

...and loving it when Mom comes to offer us kisses (or more chicken!)!!
(Yes, I am wearing a 'sweater' which is really the old sleeve of one of Dad's old sweaters...Mom cut holes in it for my front covers my tummy so I can't lick it...I so wanna lick that icky stuff off of it!!)

 Speaking of Mom, she has been busy making things for her Etsy shop.

Things like birds

 ...or are they free-sitting?...

.... hanging birds...

...bird necklaces...

and cats...and mice...

...and cats...

 ...and more cats...

 ...curious cats...

 ...coy cats...

...Ginger cats...

...and they all resemble the one cat that is no longer with us....Lolo...Mom still misses him terribly....we try to make her smile and we think it is working a bit, but I know...I KNOW... that Mom still cries herself to sleep each night thinking about her Lolo....