Friday, 22 March 2013


 Ginger and I were happily napping when the flashy beast came along 
and started flashing.
Ginger was kind enough to put her paw out to stop them, 
but sadly, that didn't work.

 Then I found myself in the position of trying to defend her dignity...
..uh, so to speak...

 Which was not easy because she was so blissfully exposing herself.
She doesn't seem to have too many worries about the flashy beast.

But I am a real gentleman so I do my best even in the most difficult of circumstances...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cheer up!! It's giveaway time!!

Winter has officially overlapped into Spring and AND in the past couple of weeks we have all said tearful good-byes to so many of our beloved CB friends that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge (see my post of 18 March). We SERIOUSLY need cheering up!! 

What better way than having a new kitty come into your life?  THIS KITTY! 

You read that right! This kitty is absolutely FREE to the WINNER of the drawing now going on my Facebook page. Yes, FREE! No purchase necessary; nothing! You will receive - no matter where you live - this handmade by me, heartmade with my hands, one-of-a-kind cat sculpture  which will be gift wrapped and ready to give or receive as a gift...he even has his own adoption papers!! 

So! What are you waiting for?! Get your happy pants on and go over to the Facebook page I created for my Etsy shop and once you are there, you can enter the drawing in one - or all - of the following 4 ways.

1. 'LIKE' the status of the giveaway and your name goes into the drawing;
2. 'COMMENT' on the status of the giveaway and your name goes into the drawing;
3. 'SHARE' the giveaway and your name goes into the drawing;
4. 'JOIN' my Facebook page (HamlinDesign) and your name goes into the drawing.

So, let me reiterate: if you do all four of the above, your name will go into the drawing four times!! Woo hoo!!

Don't worry, this kitty is much smaller than our real life feline friends...he measures just under 4cm ( about 1 1/2in) high, about 2.5cm wide (almost 1in); and is about 6.8cm (2 5/8in) long. He will sit happily on a table, a bookshelf, a nightstand, a window ledge, on a wide frame...just about anywhere flat!! Though he is made out of hardened polymer clay, his ears remain somewhat fragile as does his the tip of his tail and his front paws, therefore,care should be taken to not drop or bang him against any hard surfaces as these delicate parts may break or chip. This kitty is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children as he could present a serious choking hazard. Thank you!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Miss you... Miss you all... Love you.

Eric, Luna, Face, Sauce, Mistrie Rose, Princess, Au, Chica, Grrreta...

All friends that have crossed the bridge recently.
We are so sad that they have left us.
We have been doing a lot of crying lately.

Can everyone please be healthy now...we can't cry anymore.
We don't want to cry anymore!

We just want to see all of you happy and healthy and doing silly things!!

Winter has been sooooooo long and losing so many wonderful friends just makes it more difficult to bear....we miss our friends.


Eric, Luna, Face, Mistrie Rose, Princess, Au, Chica, Grrrreta...

We love you.

Please tell our Lautrec we love him, too..

Winter doesn't want to say good-bye..

... so I guess we'll just have to snuggle a little longer by the fire...