Friday, 30 September 2011

Fabulous Fastfood Friday

Hello there and Happy Friday!! So, you're wondering what these pictures and 'fastfood' have to do with each other. Well, like any fastfood place, there is a counter that you walk up to, lean against and order, right?

 THIS, my friends, is MY fastfood counter!! 
No, these are not just any ordinary stairs...

 ...they are the stairs that go over the pantry!!
 Thanks to my keen sense of hearing, I KNOW whenever Mom heads into the pantry so all I have to do is I run down the stairs and get in this position and make my fastfood order (it really is 'fast' food because when I'm lucky, my order is filled right away...Mom just reaches up and puts food in my mouth!!)

 If she is a bit slow, all I have to do is reach out my paw (what I am in the process of doing in the above picture) and give Mom a little coaxing tap...or, I'll just grab whatever it is she is TAKING HER SWEET TIME to give to me!! Hehehehe!! 

I bet all of you will now want your own at-home fastfood counter like I have. 
But then again, maybe some of you already do!! 
Oh! I want to hear about yours!! Do tell!

Have a GREAT FRIDAY Efurryone!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thursday thoughts...

Normally, since it is Thursday, we would be chatting about our garden (see Jonesie and SOFG crew - here - for more on that subject!), but would you believe that despite ALL the work we did in the garden yesterday, Mom didn't take one single picture? What did we do? Well, we cut the grass, raked leaves (yes, believe it or not, we already have a ton of leaves!), pruned various bushes and plants and hung several sunflowers upside down so that the seeds will dry and we can feed them later to the birds. Yum! (Ok, some of  you might be thinking that 'yum' had to do with my thoughts about birds, but as Mom would never forgive me for that kind of a thought, that 'yum' - officially - was what I imagine the birds will say when they eat the sunflower seeds that we grew for them! So, as you just read, we did lots in the garden, but just can't prove it...dang!

On another note, the other day Mom and Dad packed up ALL OF US in the car and we went to stay a night in our city home (we hardly ever go there anymore now that we have the dawgs)...Tiny and I have a nice, cozy spot in a cage in the car, but the two dawgs just lie there on the back seat (harnessed of course). Take a look at this picture...yep, that is yours truly there on the left giving the eye through our cage...lucky for those dawgs I was in that cage or I would have given them some nice tiger stripes on their noses. hehehe! Never underestimate the power of The Lolo!!

P.S. Ok, they may LOOK cute, but don't trust them..they are evil creatures!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Woofy Wednesday - Ginger here!

 Wooo hooo!! I have a new friend!!

 My friend's name is Sandy!

 Sandy Pile!

 I love Sandy Pile soooo much!!

 Sandy, you are so cool!!

 Oh! What's this? 
Is this grass for me, Sandy?

Oh. (cough cough) I think I just took a bite of you, Sandy...(hack hack) Sorry. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tiny's Tuesday - FINALLY!!

Normally, I don't need to be in the spotlight. Actually, the spotlight is really not MY place (you'll never hear Lolo saying that!!)...I like to remain in the shadows...see, like this:

you can't see me, right?

But there are times that no matter what I do to get away, the flashy beast (with or without it's flash) finds me, but in this case, I think it is because of the 'Spotlight King' here next to me. Speaking of which, just so you know, it was a rather chilly morning when we were 'framed' here and that is why Lolo(ve) is wearing his Winter sweater...with him not being all better and all, Mom thought it couldn't hurt if he had that extra warmth since he insisted on going outside and sitting in the sun. He is doing better today...he even reaches out and grabs for chicken when Mom feeds it to him!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Mug Shot Monday

Mom is so proud of herself for getting what she calls 'candid' shots. 
Hmpf! I say these are 'how-dare-she' shots. 

 Hitch-hiking is SO not funny...I've been waiting for hours and nothin...boy does my butt hurt!!

 Oh,, I'm not REALLY on the table, it just LOOKS like I am.

 Sweet and innocent...hehe...
just go on thinking that (while I dig a big hole in the garden).

 Cujo (a.k.a. Ginger)

A bird's eye view of double trouble!

P.S. A Lolo(ve) update: Though I'm feeling a tad bit better, I surely have my ups and day good and the next not so good. Sunday was not a great day...I hope Monday is better. I hope I get better soon...I seriously DO NOT LIKE being under the weather (and eating canned food they say is from liver...yuck!)

P.S.S...I was a little confused about dates last week (all those trips to the vet had me all confused!) - I'm sorry for doing Gardening Thursday on Friday! Duuuuh!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gardening Thursday - The Bities

Hello Gardening Buddies! Today we went to check on the squash garden and look what Mom found just laying on one of the big squash leaves...Whaaaa?

 Look closer...we are still trying to figure out WHO did this...
who has teeth like that??

Whoever it was likes the baby squashes.
 There are tons of babies so we don't care.

We also have these squash that are starting to look big...
I think they are called Winter Squash.

I just couldn't resist showing you this spider web...even though Mom FREAKS OUT when a spider is near, she did get close enough to admire the spider's work. Me,  I could really care less. {yawn}

And well, there wasn't only that mystery little beastie getting the bities on the squash, there was me, giving the grass the bities! Grrr!

 And me posing with my diamond studded collar that Attie gave me last Christmas...Mom said I really should wear it more often since it compliments my blue eyes...but you can't really see that here.

 And, well, back to the house because I'm still kinda tuckered out from being sick so I wanna go sleep now.

 But wait! I smell an introoder!! 
That DANG introoder pee'd on our bead curtain...
Blast him!! Ick!!!

 And FINALLY, inside in the warm house and curled up next to (and actually touching - OMG!!!) Tiny. I'm feeling better for the most part, but I'm still tired and I don't feel much like drinking water - which makes Mom ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! Any suggestions on getting me to drink? I even turned down chicken broth (no salt and no fat in it = no flavour)...Mom said I'm making her pre-maturely gray, but I really don't know how I can do that!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Because I'm sure you want to know...

Hello, hello, hello!!! I'm doing good. I'm doing great. The daily injections are all over with and now it is just the pill popping...Mom said she LOOOOOOVVVVESSS giving Tiny and I pills. Ha. I love getting out of getting is so much fun to wrestle with Mom! She is really good cuz she's big and can sit on us, but we are really good at twisting ourselves out of nearly any situation. Poor Mom...she doesn't always win.

 But, enough of I am eating this really lousy food that I have to eat since Mom won't give me anything else...would you believe I saw her doping it up? Doesn't matter if it is canned food or dry food, she's always putting powders or drops into it. Even that won't last too long I guess, but will I survive eating this awful food for another week?

And here I am with my play face on...I feel so much better that I'm even interested in playing again. Gotta go! 

Thanks sooooo much efurryone for all your purrs and headrubs...I KNOW it was all your thoughtfulness that got me over this most unpleasant time!! Purrs to you all!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More about me Wednesday (Lolove)

 As you can see from the look in my eye, I am feeling better.
As you can see from the green bandage on my paw, 
I am still receiving treatment.

 BUT, as you can see from the look on my face, 
I will not tolerate that bandage anymore.
(Shortly after this picture was taken, 
I ripped off the bandage with my bare teeth, 
then I pulled that tube thingy out of my leg...
and it hurt like ********, but I'm free at last!)

And while I was doing my naughty deeds, 
Tiny was over sleeping on the dawgs' bed! 
Ha! Serves them right for thinking 
that they can sleep on OUR bed and get away with it. 
She should have pee'd on it...hehehehe!

(yeah, I'm feeling better!)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

More on Lolo...

OK, it is officially MY day today, but as Lolo had to spend most of HIS day at the vet, I thought I should talk about him instead of me since my day is usually pretty boring.

Mom and Dad took Lolove to the vet after he went since Saturday without eating or drinking much. The vet wanted to keep him there so that they could re-hydrate him and check him out better. Poor Lolo, they had to poke him and stick needles in him, but he did come home looking a bit happier and the first thing he did was to go eat - that's good, right? He has to go back tomorrow, but just for more liquids.

He has to eat a special food for a couple of days and will be on antibiotics. The vet said it looks, but she couldn't be totally sure, that he somehow ingested some poison!! Poor Lolo!! 

After his injections yesterday, he had a REALLY puffy paw, which worries Mom...

Any ideas? And does anyone know how to read this???

Monday, 19 September 2011

Under the Weather

See this picture?

 Now, get a closer look. 
Yep. That's rain. RAIN. And GRAY sky. 

 And it's a bit it was time to light a fire.

 And here I am, smiling at the fact that the room is now toasty...
even if outside it is YUCK.

Though I must say, despite the weather, I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days...I hope it goes away soon or Mom is going to take me to the vet. No. I don't want that. Purr please that I feel better soon.
Thanks, Lolove

Friday, 16 September 2011

When it comes to getting pictures of me and Tiny (yes, together), it is nearly impossible already just to have us close enough to each other so that we are both in the picture, but sometimes Mom gets lucky...then comes the really hard part: getting us to BOTH look at the flashy beast.
 It could be Tiny that looks...

...or it could be Me that looks...

or, it could be that NEITHER of us looks.

 And finally, if all goes right...well almost... we will both AT LEAST be looking in the same direction. Hey, you can't ask for perfect all the time!!

Just the same, since it is Friday, I would like to send all of you my love (yes, that is a heart there next to me - the morning sun was shining through a glass red heart that is hanging in the window and look where it landed!)
...because I AM love! 
Have a great weekend efurryone!!