Tuesday, 20 September 2011

More on Lolo...

OK, it is officially MY day today, but as Lolo had to spend most of HIS day at the vet, I thought I should talk about him instead of me since my day is usually pretty boring.

Mom and Dad took Lolove to the vet after he went since Saturday without eating or drinking much. The vet wanted to keep him there so that they could re-hydrate him and check him out better. Poor Lolo, they had to poke him and stick needles in him, but he did come home looking a bit happier and the first thing he did was to go eat - that's good, right? He has to go back tomorrow, but just for more liquids.

He has to eat a special food for a couple of days and will be on antibiotics. The vet said it looks, but she couldn't be totally sure, that he somehow ingested some poison!! Poor Lolo!! 

After his injections yesterday, he had a REALLY puffy paw, which worries Mom...

Any ideas? And does anyone know how to read this???


Fuzzy Tales said...

Our blood work reports are different, with a range of normal values and our actual values. The mom doesn't understand this, because she doesn't have a reference against which to compare Lolo's values. Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable can help!

Continued purrs and purrayers for Lolo, though. Poison? Wonder where he might have come across that--we know it's not something that would be readily available. It wouldn't have been a toxic plant he nibbled on, would it? Poor boy!

Katnip Lounge said...

It looks like they ran a sugar level, a liver/lipid & kidney panel...
2-total cholesterol
3-BUN is for kidney function, B-?, Urea, and Nitrogen, I think
4-total bilirubin
5 & 6--??
I don't know what the normal levels are, but you could google them for felines.
Is Lolo's bandage too tight? That could explain the edema in his foot. We are all purring hard for him! Did he eat a poisoned mouse, perhaps?

Brian said...

We are all sending our best purrs to you LoLo!

Sparkle said...

I'm sending purrs to Lolo too! I hope he continues to improve. It's a good thing your human kept an eye on him and took him to the vet right away!

meowmeowmans said...

Big purrs and prayers for Lolo! Get better soon, buddy!

Punapippuri said...

Poor Lolo - loads of hugs and head rubs xxxx
We know that every country seems to have different ways of writing test results but we found some helpful info here for Rilli's tests. http://www.felinecrf.org/diagnosis.htm (the blood chemistry bit).

Are there any lillies in flower nearby he could have eaten ? We certainly hope it leaves his system soon. If he has got a kidney problem then lower protein food for a while might help (and definitely low salt and low phosphorus - often senior wet cat foods are better for this, especially chicken) ? All paws are crossed here.

Prancer Pie said...

Purrs fur Lolo! This is terrible. Please keep us updated on his condition. xoxo

AttieCattie said...

Lolo! Mine Lolo! You has been poisoned?! ::panicked swoon:: And all this time I has not been here for you Mine Love!!! Get your mommeh to takes that icky bandage off your paw first thing, Audrey had a puffy paw like that after her v-e-t visit too, and it got all betters once teh bandage was off for a bit, sometimes they is just putted on too tight. I is running into teh kitchen right now to make you some of my specialty: smoked sammin and cream cheese sammiches. Then I will boogie-mat right over wif them to nurse you.

Junior and Orion said...

We are not certain about all those values, but we hope they are all okay.

Lolo might just have a bitof build up of hte fluid in his paw, and taking the bandage off like others suggested should help it.

Purrs for you to continue to feel better Lolo.