Saturday, 28 September 2013

Goodbye and Hello

Here is a sad 'good-bye' to our dear friend 'Mon Petit Lapin' (aka MPL) who, at the wonderful age of 22 years, died last week. He was one great guy and will be sorely missed!! MPL had a wonderful life full of love, good food and good friends. God speed, MPL! Until we meet again, sweet boy!


Mom and Dad were away in Switzerland and France for a couple of weeks which meant us cats and the dogs had to be separated...the dogs went to stay with some friends at their house and we stayed in our city home with a nice college student who came and not only fed us and gave us copious doses of love when we asked for it, but slept with us so that we weren't worried or scared at night. 

We were fine and all that, but I am glad that our family is all back together it should be. Here's me, giving head butt greetings to Ellwood...

and my favorite dog pal, Ginger. I have to say that I actually missed those two. Chouchou did too. But Tiny (seen here in the background) said she didn't even realise the dogs were gone. hehehe! Tiny, you're a goof!!

Sunday, 15 September 2013



(Elioth:) Would you look at dem Dawgs...they have a tough life don't they?
...ha! NOT!!
They are so NOT cats.

(Ginger:) I suppose we should get up, huh, Ellwood?
(Ellwood:) Ah, I don't know...why should we?

(Elioth:) It's not like they have WORK to do..
unless you call chasing parked cars or barking at trees 'work'!!

(Elioth:) HEY!! Goodfernothin' dawgs, go to work!!
***you've got your tails to chase!!***

(Ellwood:) What IS that annoying noise?