Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tomorrow is TWO - FOUR!!!

(Ellwood and Ginger:) WHAT?
As in the number 24?
Is this some kinda quiz? 
Well, let's see...tomorrow IS February 24 so...
I guess that's what you mean by TWO FOUR, right?

(Elioth:) OK, well, you are halfway there...try a little harder.

(Ginger:) I know!! On the 24th there is a 2 4 ONE sale!!

(Chouchou:) Aw, c'mon you guys...try just a little harder!! You can do it!!

(Ellwood:) I don't know...this is too complicated. Would you just tell us??

(Elioth:) OK, fine...
So! Tomorrow, TWO will become FOUR.
Get it?
These visual clues might help...

(Elioth:) Chouchou and I - that is, us TWO
will be FOUR YEARS OLD!!
on 24 February!!