Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aunt Tiny is pretty cool and not so 'tiny'!!

Look at me...Princess Shoe (well, that is what Elioth calls me!), right here next to Aunt Tiny!! Look how big and fluffy Tiny is...I guess she isn't really so 'tiny' compared to me...perhaps that's why Mom calls me 'Itty-bitty'!!

Look!! That's my tail on the left...and Tiny's tail on the right!! Wow!! She really has a big tail!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

I am Elioth; I am the BOSS!!

 I MAY look like a easy-going, laid-back guy (which I actually am), but I'll have you know that I am also the BOSS so you dawgs better be on your tippy-toes now that I am around. Just so you know the lay of the land, here are SOME of my laws:

LAW 1: I eat WHAT I want, WHEN I want and WHERE I want. That includes dawg food. You may think it is your food, but it isn' is MY food. So unless I say otherwise, you just sit and watch me eat...who knows, maybe I will give you the go-ahead to join me.

When and if I give you the go-ahead to join me, make sure you keep to your side of the dish. Got it, Ellwood?

As for you, Ginger, I'm not letting you eat with me just need to learn patience m'dear and this is a good way to learn it. 

 (Ginger:) But MOMMMMM! This isn't fair!! I'm older than Elioth..why does HE get to boss ME around AND eat MY food?? 
(Elioth:) Ginger. Quiet!

LAW 2: I sleep WHERE I want; WHEN I want...even if it is in what you dawgs call your bed. Your bed is mine. YOU are mine. Everything is mine. Don't fight it. Acquiesce.

 I sleep where you sleep if you are there or not.

 Don't bother giving me lip or whining to Mom. If I feel you are worthy, I will let you join me...if you ask nicely.

And when I say you can join me, before you close your eyes, you bow to me and vow that you will honor me and protect me and always serve me. You hear? Good Ginger. 

WARNING: If I have to remind you of these 2 laws in the future, I will do so with an iron paw so it is in your best interest to listen up and remember the laws the first time you hear them. K? K. I'm glad we are both on the same page now.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday with the Fabulous EL Boys (ELioth and ELlwood)


Elioth and Ellwood are equal gentlemen and have thrown caution to the wind in favour of feline/canine friendship and brotherhood.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Busy kittehs!!

 We have been soooo busy!!
Sooooo busy hanging out with Tiny!!

I'm a great lounger

Me, I'm good at getting my beauty rest!

I'm a great sun catcher!! 

 Then there are times when we kids play...
We LOVE our kitty tunnel!

And I LOVE to attack!
Watch out or I'll get ya!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Making it Clear Who the Bosses Are

Elioth: I'm the big guy around here so I get the first go at him...
Hey!! Don't look at me! Don't you DARE look at me!!

 Ellwood: Ok, ok, ok.....I'm NOT looking at you..I'm not looking at you..

Elioth: OK, Eschu, I think he got the picture. Now it's your turn. Go ahead..give him a little talking to...

 Eschu: Listen Ellwood, I may be little, but I AM THE BOSS around here!

 Ellwood: Oh, man...and I thought Ginger was bossy!

OK, I think Ellwood now has a pretty good idea who the bosses are around phase: Ginger.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The life of a part-time vagabond

 Yep...that's me...the vagabond.

 Well, I'm not a full-time vagabond, just a part-time vagabond.

 In other words, I just go vagabonding when I feel like it.

 Yesterday, for example...I went vagabonding..which means that I found a way out of the garden while Mom and Dad weren't looking and I just went for a walkabout. And about and about and about...and I didn't come home until this at 7:30!! 
I'm such a good vagabond!

(Ginger) Ha. Good....I don't think Mom and Dad would agree on that title. And look at him laying there on a bench...LAZY is what I would call you. And on such a great day. Man, who is gonna play tug-o-war with me NOW??

Thursday, 14 June 2012

We are Siamese if you please!

Don't say it...
you're thinking we must be joined at the hips or something 
just cuz we're

'You are so SILLY!!'

But we do love each other and we are close...

 ..we even wash in stereo...

But no, we aren't attached.

We are just putting our heads together to work on a strategy on how we're gonna get those meen dawgies. 
Heehee! I bet they are shakin' in their boots!

We are Siamese...if you don't please!!
 heh heh heh!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

You aren't going to believe this...

Hi Everyone, Ginger here!
That little Elioth is really starting to grow on me.
I love watching him. 
Actually, Ellwood and I call watching Elioth 'kitten cinema'.

 And believe it or not, I think Elioth kinda likes watching 'dog cinema'...
Could this mean that maybe one day we will be friends? 

 Seriously, look at him! I think the little guy is kinda cute....

I mean, honestly, check out this picture of him, he is so...
WAIT!! Something is wrong here!!
How can he have 2 tails? ....and what is with his paw???

...I'm backing up to get a better picture..
WHOA!!! Elioth isn't A cat..he is KITTENS!!
What happened??


(Elioth:) Geez Ginger...RELAX!!!
Mom and Dad loved me so much right away that they decided I should have kitten company so they brought home my sister Eschu...she's part of the family now!!

 Look! Queen Tiny even let sis lay down next to her!!
Can you believe it? Eschu has the Tiny seal of approval!!
We are one big happy family!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

 OK. Am I not cute?
 Look how cute I am when I sleep.
 How can you not love me?
Plant some kisses on my nose.
You know you want to.
Mom does it ALL THE TIME!!

Then there is Ellwood....who thinks he wants to plant a kiss on me, too.

Do I LOOK like I want a kiss from Ellwood?
Nope, you're right...NOT!