Monday, 28 March 2011

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi

No, I am not here. You don't see me. I am invisible.

Mom is going away tomorrow for a whole week.
I'm going to stay right here (or not here since you can't see me) until she returns.

You'll see all three of us again in about a week.
Until then, everyone be good and happy and healthy.
Love, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

Friday, 25 March 2011

Friends on Friday

OK, it's me, LOLO, again....hey, what do you expect? I'm Siamese...everyone knows that we Siamese love to talk so I'm just doing what comes natural to me, but today I really have a good reason to talk...

This is the deal: My girlfriend, AttieCattie, sent me a pretty pink envelope the other day with a LOVE LETTER (for my eyes only!!) and a two *surprises* inside: NIP (!!) and two pretty pink silk flowers.

I love flowers so I got them out right away and displayed them on my lovely self. Then I took some slow deep breaths of the nipfume that was eminating from the pink envelope.

The glorious smell was so strong that it lured Tiny in from the other room and onto the bed. But believe you me, I told her to BACK OFF BABY!! I should have told her to leave the house or maybe even the continent or something because you know what she did when I stepped away from MY ENVELOPE for a few minutes???

Yep. She is so busted....and this is only the half of it...

...someone looks waisted!!

Mom put the (shredded) envelope right next to Tiny on the bed who seemed to think she needed to go in for another nip I said: OVER MY DEAD BODY, TINY..ya nip-head!!

At least I got her to stop hogging all the nip... but I'm not sure she heard anything I said ...she was passed out before I even managed to turn around!!

Well, at least one of us had a good time! I just want to thank my lovely AttieCattie for thinking of me...I was so touched I almost cried!! No, Tiny, I DID NOT CRY...I just had something in my eye.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Gardening Thursday - SOFG - AND WENDY'S LOL BLOG!!

Hi Efurryone, Lolo here a.k.a. 'Chief Air Quality Control Inspector'

Today, before any real gardening work can be started, I must first make sure that the air in our garden is up to snuff. Believe me, this is no easy job! Checking the air's quality is a complex science which requires an excellent schnoz and patience. Luckily. I have both. Oh and I MUST follow all the steps in a strict order...

First I must smell the air while in a sitting position....

..then I must lie down and take a mid-level sample of the air...

...then it is crucial that I lie down flat on the ground and take and air sample it from shoulder height...

Then, I must lift my head high and close my eyes while taking deep breaths.
These actions must be repeated several times.

Also, it is important that I check my surroundings for vegetation.
(Being the romantic fella that I am, I promptly dedicated this lovely daisy to my beautiful, sweet girlcat, AttieCattie)

And note any decaying matter.

Finally, I must get as close as I can to the ground so that I can be at one with my surroundings with every part of my being...only then can I be sure that the air in my garden is of the highest quality.

Once I have judged the garden air to be in line with my extremely high standards (Note: it could take several hours to confirm this), I call on the lesser beings to come and do the easy work (digging and gathering).

If you would also like to be a part of the Society of Feline Gardeners,
please contact JONESIE.

Check out Wendy's LOL blog...she is hilarious!!
Today, she has featured us!! (yes, we are blushing!)
Go HERE to see all sorts of funnies!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Wood's Wednesday

I love taking walks!!

Walks in fields are great for romping around.

But my favourite is the forest.

Where I love to DIG....

...and dig...

...and dig...

...and dig...

...and DIG!!!

Too bad the only thing I ever dig up is dirt!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tiny's Tuesday lazy fake fur vest hog...get off...
I wanna lay there now...go on, move!

Ahhh...I love this fake fur...
I just need to knead it a little...

and a little more...

and, well, a tiny bit more...

What?? Why are you lookin' at me like that!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi

Like the song goes:
'Wear your fake fur on the inside'
And that is just what I am doin'!
This is the coziest bed ever!!
Well, maybe not EVER, but it is like being back with my furMom again...almost!!
And dang I look good in it!! haha!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Freaky Friday

Mom thinks I'm odd. Why? Because on all my four feet, my middle two toes are attached to each other and not separate...can you see in the picture how the skin attaches my two toes? (I didn't like having this picture taken so this is the best you get) Do you think I am odd, too?? Maybe I am half alien!!! I am doing the Spock salut!! haha!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gardening Thursday - SOFG

Gardening gloves?

OK!! Looks like we are all set to get to work!!

Tiny, you are in charge of gathering up the dried grass.

Yo! Tiny....Earth to!!

Tiny, would you stop playing! This is serious!!

Listen, if Jonesie happens to pop in on us and sees you goofing off, there will be hay to pay!!

Just look at this...
Yeah, over here...
All this grass to rake..c'mon people, let's get to work!!

Whoa..what was that...something just moved...

...right there...'s gone.

Uh, yeah, where was I??

Oh! Hey!!

YOU!! ElDawgO!!
Stop sniffing the air down there and get to work!!

Geez...what is it with you lazy critters!!?


Spring is going to burst into blossom any second...I can feel it in my bones!!
Our garden MUST be ready!!

To learn more about becoming a member of SOFG
(Society Of Feline Gardeners),
please visit Jonesie at SOFG / Cory Cat Blog.

Our friend SPARKLE is running a COMMENTATHON today in aid of a major fundraising drive for Japan by World Vets.
Please stop by and leave a comment!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Wood's Wednesday - Bad Me

Look at my sweet, innocent face.
I don't look capable of doing anything (ANYTHING) bad, do I?

But I am...and I did.
(I know, GEEZ! WHAT was I thinking??)

I swear I thought it was a tree.
(And that is the story I am sticking with.)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tiny's Tuesday - Tiny the Diva

I love to cuddle up in Mom's (fake) fur (vest).

I don't know why, but I feel like such a diva when I lay here.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Lolo Monday/Lolo Lundi

OK, really, I'm NOT trying to rub it in or anything, it is just that I am soooo happy the sun is back that I just MUST share my happy pictures with you. For those of you who aren't getting any sunshine - yet - do know that I am sending out lots of it to you, wherever you are.

Otherwise, feel free to come join me on our terrace - in the sun - soakin' up the sun!! We've got plenty of food and treats and sweater beds in the house...come one, come all!