Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tomorrow is TWO - FOUR!!!

(Ellwood and Ginger:) WHAT?
As in the number 24?
Is this some kinda quiz? 
Well, let's see...tomorrow IS February 24 so...
I guess that's what you mean by TWO FOUR, right?

(Elioth:) OK, well, you are halfway there...try a little harder.

(Ginger:) I know!! On the 24th there is a 2 4 ONE sale!!

(Chouchou:) Aw, c'mon you guys...try just a little harder!! You can do it!!

(Ellwood:) I don't know...this is too complicated. Would you just tell us??

(Elioth:) OK, fine...
So! Tomorrow, TWO will become FOUR.
Get it?
These visual clues might help...

(Elioth:) Chouchou and I - that is, us TWO
will be FOUR YEARS OLD!!
on 24 February!!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Yeah, we know, Christmas is (long) over and that song
'Let it Snow' should be back in the record box and in the closet
we still like to sing it as we romp and play in the snow!!

 Look at my loooooonnnng shadow!! I'm a big dog in the Winter!!

 Ellwood has been putting his whole head in the snow again.

Me, I just kinda poke my nose all over and snow falls on me cuz I'm small.

 And we both love to run in the snow...

 All while Chouchou and Elioth do what they do best...