Monday, 16 May 2011

Thursday, Friday and Monday all in One...boy are we embarassed!!

Hello Efurryone...we are so utterly and totally humiliated by our lateness in posting. Seriously, below is Friday's post with Ellwood as our host, while below Friday's post is THURSDAY'S post...LAST Thursday's post!!! We are soooo embarrassed to be so totally late that Tiny and I just want to hide our faces in shame. Shame. SHAAAAAAMMMMEE. Even Ellwood is embarrassed and he hardly ever gets embarrassed. We are so sorry AND we are super sorry that we haven't been commenting much lately. The problem is the weather. It's so nice that Mom goes out the door and we don't see her for HOURS AND HOURS and just when we are about to die of starvation, she comes in and feeds us but won't let us use the computer because she is too tired to turn it on. How tiring could it be to turn on a computer. Tell us, please!! But just so you know...we do visit you, but sometimes we look at several days of posting in one shot. We love to see what everyone is doing...please, please forgive us for not sharing our thoughts with news is good news? Will that work? No? OK, we will try to be better commenters. Promise!!

Friday's Fetch-A-Dog-A-Bone Day

Big bone? For me? Me wants, me wants!!!

Ahhh, but I just ate so what should I do with this thing? Hmmm.....

Uh, would you just back off please? BACK OFF! Geez, can't a guy have a little private time with his fresh kill?

OK, while no one is looking I'm gonna bury this baby in the pond grass. No one will find it here and the best part is that there is no brown nose, no brown paws. I am sooo smart. I am Ellwood!


And now, a VERY, VERY LATE posting of our Thursday Gardening post
- Society of Feline Gardeners -
(psst! Go to the link for more info)

I am a 'green angel'...see my green wings??
Only the best of gardeners have these...I am sooo good!

I think the grass compliments my eyes...what do you say?

Hullo there little buggie!! Not all buggies are bad...actually, many are good. Continue have been accepted.

We have thoroughly checked this area and give it a 8 paws seal of approval.

I'm working hard..the usual, air and light control tests going not interrupt, please!!

Checking for any introoders..

Yep, I think I need to get our grounds people (a.k.a. Mom and/or Dad) to cut the grass.

What are YOU lookin' at...GET TO WORK!!

I'm takin' a little break here to smell the flowers.

As head gardener, I would like to say that I apologise for the delay in our garden post, but not only did Blogger (oops, I almost wrote 'Booger') keep us from posting (ok, albeit in A DAY LATE), but Mom didn't get on the puter either to help us so this Society of Feline Gardeners post is super late and I send my sincerest apologies to all you gardening fans. We will do our best to be on time this week. (Mom, you hear that?)

I am lion, hear me roar. Well, at least you can hear my bell jingle. Oh, and WHY do I have this humongous bell on me you ask? Because Mom likes to know where I am when I walk around the garden and thanks to this gimongous bell I got into mega trouble the other day when I was VEWY VEWY QWIETWY sneaking down the street...the middle of the street...when Mom came running out of the gate and up to me...SHE HEARD MY BELL JINGLING IN THE STREET (where, as you might guess, I am NOT supposed to be...EVER!) and grabbed me up and gave me a huge scolding. Stupid bell...spoils all the fun. Grrr.


Fuzzy Tales said...

At least you post! We've been on a break while we snoopervise mom's house painting (indoor), though we have a few posts scheduled for this week.

Our mom says that spring and summer are so short (at least where we are), you have to make the most of the good weather when it's here...So we hope you all enjoy being outside as much as possible. The computer will be there for the rainy days!

Sparkle said...

Well, Blogger was down for a couple of those days, so at least you KIND OF have an excuse!

The Island Cats said...

Oh don't be embarrassed!! It's really hard to keep up with blogging when you hafta rely on the humans to help you!

Cory said...

It's ok, don't feel bad...our human hasn't been doing as much work for us either. The only thing that's saving us is the rainy icky weather.

Katnip Lounge said...

So, we're flabbergasted that the Wood gets embarassed, we thought that was a genetic impossibility.

You all are looking fantastic, and if your Mom spends so much time outdoors how come the grass ain't mowed?

Malyss said...

I was away, so I did not notice you did not comment..Must I be ashame too ? Ü
Let's forget it! today, you're all offering a great and rich post, with plenty of delicious pictures.We like to share spring with you.The important thing is to see that you're all safe, well, enjoying sun and fresh nature, playing in the grass. A big hug to all of you !

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Well it might be late ~ but this post was worth waiting for. We love Ellwood's bone ~ and we love the angel gardening wings (Alfie wants sum now) and we enjoyed all the pics. Purrs.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

I too have to wear a bell, Lolo. "She" says it is because I am so very manly, so it;s probably the same for you, eh?

We did miss you when you were not posting, so please don't do it again, OK?

The Beebs