Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gardening Thursday - with Ellwood!!

Hello Efurryone, Ellwood here on this lovely gardening Thursday.
So! Sometimes gardening means going backwards a bit. What do I mean? Well, sometimes you may already have things growing and you have to take them away and re-organise them. That is just what we are in the process of doing here. Above, you'll see the flower bed that Mom was working on last this picture she had just weeded it, but wasn't happy, so this Spring she decided to DIG IT ALL UP...

You might be wondering WHY she did this. Well, even though there were quite a few things growing in that flower bed, IT WAS A MESS!! Mom decided that she wants to get rid of some of the stuff that just was taking over and organise it better so that the good stuff shows up better. So she dug it all out. But to her GREAT SURPRISE, while digging up and turning the earth, she found A TON OF JUNK !! Just look!!

Miles of wire, mountains of bricks (at least 3 wheelbarrows overflowing), pieces of roof tiles and floor tiles, several pounds/kilos of glass shards, plastic, old light switches, and just 'stuff'!! You must understand that once upon a time, where this flower bed now is, there was a barn...but that was many, many years ago (our house is something like 200 years old) and since then they decided to use certain parts of the former barn's foundation as a place for burying junk. (Gee! What a excellent idea...NOT!) Back then people didn't recycle or even think that putting junk in the ground is a stupid idea. Mom was really annoyed to find all this stuff there where her flowers had been (no wonder they weren't looking terribly happy), but was humoured when she uncovered this:

You see what it is? It's a very dirty ceramic dog missing an ear!! It kinda, sorta, but not really looks a little like me!!

We'll keep you posted on how this flower bed is looking now that it is being all replanted. Remember: WATCH THIS SPACE!! And make sure to look at the other gardening posts today of the members of SOFG (see link). Maybe you will be inspired!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

That's a lot of work! Actually, it could be kind of fun, uncovering some of this old junk. You never know if there's a "gem" hidden in there somewhere! And what if your mom finds something really old? As in of archaeological interest? That would be REALLY neat!

Mr Puddy said...

Wow ! that's the hard work for your human. I hope your human have a big rest after all these.

Katnip Lounge said...

HA! Our old house was by a railroad line and Daddy dug up some interesting things, but never a ceramic dog missing an ear! Now THAT is the find of a lifetime. We bet your Mom had some bad words to say excavating all that stuff.

Angel + 6 Garden Cottage Cats said...

OMCod! It'z amazing all da plantz waz growin so well ???? A few yearz back, we watched da house across da street put on an addition and where da ground waz dug up they putz concrete and stuffz there and buried it! they call it "Fill".... Dat'z jus soooo wrong!! We dun alot of diggin here,, thank Cod we not come across Anythin likez dat!! 200 Yrz. huh! Wow!! dat'z a looonnngggg time ^..^ And at least you found Treasure :)

Purrfect Haven said...

so much work to do lifting those stones... even snoopervising must feel tiring.Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

AttieCattie said...

woah, no wunner teh flowers was not doing great, that is a lotta crapola. teh ceramic pup is cute though, is you going to keeps him for company? must be super cool to lives in such a verreh old house, nuffing around here is that old. Wood, could you please let your bruver know there is a post about his wunnerful package on mine bloggie today? fanks!

The Cat From Hell said...

:: 2 paw taps ::
Its kind of like finding a pearl in a yucky Oyster!
Too bad there was so much junk in there, but now its gone!

SuziQCat said...

That's a ton of stuff you dug up! We are wondering how far down did you have to dig to find all that?

Love the wall behind your pretty!

Cory said...

Oh wow! Garden treasures!!!!! That dog is cool and we hope if finds a home in your garden bed.

Ellwood mom just wants to smooch your face all the time. It's embarrassing.