Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The taming of the Ginger

(Elioth:) Ok Ginger, if you want to sit on the CAT CHAIR with me
you have to CALM DOWN!

(Ginger:) But I want to PLAY

(Ginger:) Let's play 'Cee-Cee-Oh-Playmate'!!

(Elioth:) I don't want to play your paw games, girl!
Sit down!! SIT DOWN!

(Ginger:) What about if we wrestle? I like to wrestle!!

(Elioth to himself:) Geez, is there an 'off' button for her? 
Maybe I can unplug her or pull out her batteries...

I'll just hypnotise her with my stare...

(Elioth - panicked:) OOOO!! It worked!!
I never actually tried it on a living being... 
OMCats, I hope I didn't KILL her!!

(Elioth:) Ah, WHEW! 
I was afraid I gave her a too strong dose of the Elioth stun stare, 
but she seems to be coming out of it ok...

(Elioth:) Now THERE'S a GOOD DAWGIE!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

LOL! It might take a bit of time, but we're sure you'll manage to tame her, Elioth. Your stun stare is pretty darned awesome--a great tool to use on her!

Sparkle said...

Don't worry, Elioth - no lasers, no harm done.

Prancer Pie said...

Poor Elioth, we fear you have your work cut out fur you! Have a great day, furriends.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I see you are getting the dog trained. Good for you.

Karen Jo said...

Elioth, you are a great dog trainer. Your stun stare is a great tool. Can you teach it to me so I can use it on Oja?


Iva said...

hahahahha, paw game posture is pretty funny :-D Well, Gigi - no wonder you need to fight for your spot, still a puppy yet you take over pretty much all of the cat space :-P :-D :-D
AAAAAAAAH, I see LOLOOOOOOOO, I see LOLO I see LOLOOOOOOOOOOO watching you guys on one of the pics, you had better behave ! :-)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Wow, Elioth! We are impressed! Conquering the divine Ms. G is no easy task!

The Chans

Asta said...

Hi thewe, so nice to meet you

I'm a wiwe fox terrow kid who moved fwom Manhattan to Boo da Pest and I came to visit yoow bloggie

Ellioth, you awe a gweat twainew, but I'm afwaid that cutie little sissie of youws doesn't have an off button, hehehe
good thing you have that stawe down
smoochie kisses

meowmeowmans said...

Elioth, that was so impressive! We are going to have to try that stun stare!

CCL Wendy said...

I just found out that you have two new little ones! ConCATulations!!! It certainly looks like they've taken over already. Elioth and Eschu must be bundles of fun.

Tiny, Ellwood and Ginger are so sweet to accommodate them (but then, they have no choice)!

You might want to stop by the LOL-Spot to see what I've done with them.