Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pwague Towah Pawt 2 - Owd Town Squawe

Hewwo Evahweewon!! Yoo asked foh it so hewe I am...back to show yoo mowe of Pwague! Dis time we wiww stawt aw visit at de Owd Town Squawe.

Hewe I am on de West side of de Squawe in fwont of de famous Kwok Tawah...dis tawah was added to de Town Haww (to de weft) in de 15th centuwy. As many of yoo may know, de Kwok Tawah has de famous astwohlogicaw (astrological) kwok which was designed by someone who tot de earf (earth) was de centew of de univews (univers) and it owiginally was not to teww de exact time, but was supposed to imitate de owbit of de sun and de moon awound de earf. De hand wif de sun points to de owah (hour) actuawee shows free diffewent times accowding to de free (3) wings (rings) awound de kwok. De wing on de outside has medieval Awahbik numbahs and meazews Owd Bohemian Time based on a 24 owahs in a day and de wokation of de sun. De middew wind has de woman numbahs and shows de time just wike a nohmaw kwok and de wast (smaww innew wing) shows de movement of de sun and de moon and de Zodiac signs cuz deez wewe vewy impohtant in Pwague in de 16th centuwy. Dewe awe awso on dis tawah odder fings wike the 'Apostews' (Apostles), statuews wepwezenting Vanity and Gweed and Deff and Wust (Death and Lust) and awso a cahwendew dezined by de famous Czech awtist Josef Manes. Did yoo get aww dat???
Vewy cwose to de kwok tawah it is possibew to hiwah (hire) a wide in a hoewse dwan cawwage (horse drawn carriage). I wiwwy wanted to see a hoewse so I begged Mom to take me ovah to dem. Hewe's me seeing da fiwst hoewses IN MY WIFE!!! I did as I aways do when I meet new peepow, I wicked dewe faces, but den dey twided to put dewe BIG FAT WIPS on me and I got scawed so I twide to bite dem. I got in twoubew fow dat. Oops.

So, we said 'Ahoj!' ('ahoj' in Czech can be used both as 'hello' and 'good-bye') and wawked down de wine of hoewses (and cawwages) untiw we wewe in fwont of St. Nikowas Chuwch. Hewe I am in fwont of St. Nicowas (Nicholas) Chuwch which was biwt in 1735. Dey do wats of concewts hewe.

At de cawnuh (corner) of whewe dat chuwch is is de stweet cawwed Pawis Stweet (Paris Street or Parizska in Czech). On Pawis Stweet dewe awe wats and wats of stowes dat have wewwy expensive stuff. Hewe is a collage of me in fwont of some of dem...I fink you wiww know many of dem!!!

Aftah we toowahed dis stweet, we went back to de Owd Town Squawe again...hewe I am in de middew of it wooking nowf (north) back towads Pawis Stweet, but wat yoo see is a big statue of Jan Hus (do yoo know anyfing about de Hussites - aftah Jan Hus who was an impawtant Czech pewson). Doze houses behind his statue aw weawwy pwetty and de pwettiest one (I fink!) is de one dat is Awt Newvoh awkitektew (Art Nouveau Architecture) which waz biwtuh in 1898...see it dewe wif de statuews and de fwesk (fresco)? Dat biwding is whewe de Ministwee of Wejunaw Devewopment (Ministry of Regional Development).

Next, if we wook East, we can see many fings, but hewe we awe wooking at de cawnah (corner) of de biwding is a stone beww (bell) becaws dis house is cawwed De House of de Stone was de medievaw town pawace (medieval town palace)...and just to de wite you can see de tawahs of de chuwch cawwed Ow Lady befowe Tyn (Our Lady Before Tyn) which a wot of peepoe say wooks wike Disney, but I don't know who Disney is so I don't undewstand wat dey mean. In dat Chuwch a famous man cawwed Tycho Brahe is behweed. Oh, and you know wat...up on dat chuwch dere in de middew pawt, whewe you see dat wownd gohwd fing...weww, dat is a sowid gohwd effigy of de Vewgin Maiwee (Virgin Mary). How coow is dat??!

Now, if we wook to de sowf (south) side of de squawe, we see some pwetty houses wif intwesting names wike: de Stowch (Schtorch) House; House At de Stone Wam (Ram);de House At de Gohwden Tabew (Golden Table) which is de house wite behind my nose in dis picteuw!!

And finawwee, you can see dat we have made a whowe woop (whole loop) of de see, dewe is de west of de souwf side and de Kwok Tawah (again!). You can see dat dere is a mawket in de squawe...dis is vewee typicaw especially fow de diffewent seasons wike Eastah and Cwistmas, but dewe awh othew mahkets hewe too and sometimes dewe awe big open-ahw (open-air) concewts and big sqween t.v.s fow speciaw occasions!! At Cwistmas time dewe is a wewwy big Cwistmas twee hewe (I can't wait to see it since this wiww be my fiwst Cwistmas!!) and a Eastah twee at Eastah time!! I saw picteuws and de twees wook wewwy pwetty!!

So, dat's ouw toowah fow today!! I hope you enjoyed it and dat I didn't bowe you too much!!


Brian said...

Great tour Ellwoood, I really like that first picture lots!

Au and Target said...

Prague? We're sooo jealous! It's looks lovely.

Cory said...

Ellwood, you are the best toowah guide eveh!!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Ellwood, you know SO much for a bebbeh puppah! We are impressed! Your tours are great, and you are BRAVE to lick horsies!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the fun tour of your beautiful city, adorable Ellwood...You are too cute, sweet boy, hope you are starting to get along with Lolo and Tiny more everyday...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Madi and Mom said...

MOL Ellwood you are indeed a man about town...Mom said she enjoyed the tour of Prague because it brought back memories of her visit to that beautiful city in 1999.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Ellwood ~ yoo'd better be careful as our mom loves yoo so much she's like to puppy-nap yoo! She even blows kisses to yoor pic on the screen (ewwww!) 'cos she adores yoo so much.

Iva said...

Hewow Mister :o) Good job again !!! An absolute pro ;o) yeah those horses were fun weren´t they :) so what R U saying? Next time we will be seeing you in LV bag having Cartier leash? You are no monkey business hansome right? :) Lotta hugs and kisses at the moment from Moravia.

Cat- hope to see you @ Co soon. Papalala Iakia

George the Lad said...

Ellwood thanks for being a number one tour guide. Such lovely building and of course you in the photo to.
See Yea George xxx