Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ellwood the Tour Guide

Hewwo Evewywon, tooday I'm going to take yoo on an EwwWood's visit of Pwague! Yoo weddy? Yes? OK!! Wet's go!!!

Ouw visit tooday begins in de pawk behind de Pwague Cassoh...wook at aww de pwetty weaves!! I wanted to wawk frou dis pawk, but dere was a sign dat said dat dawgs awe not awwowed so Mom had to cawwee me. But we did sneak a few pictuwes anyway cause I pwetended to be in my cawwying bag.
Hewe we awe in de Woyoh Pawwace Gawdens...yoo see behind me wawwes of de gawden and behind dem is a big awea like a fohwest whewe once upon a time dewe wewe BEAWS (bears)!!! In de distance yoo can see Dawibor (Dalibor) Tawah (Tower) on de weft, pawts of de cassoh and doze big pointie fings awe de tops of St Vitus Caffeedwaw (I wiwwe show yoo doze in a moment!). Coow, huh?

Wook behind me hewe...dat is St Vitus is vewy, vewy taww!! Way up above me awe de twin west spiwes (spires) at de west fwont/main entwance.

And dat gweenish tawah waaay up dere above my head is de Renaissance beww tahwah (Bell Tower)...maybe one day when I am big and stwong I wiww cwimb aww de way to de top...ow awmost since it iz not wewwy possibew to get to de vewwy vewwy top!!

And hewe is anudder side of St Vitus Caffeedwal. Dey caw dis 'de Gohden Pawtaw' (The Golden Portal).

And dat's me on one of the dawwes...I was kinda sweepy an din't feew wike wawkin so Mom put me hewe fow de picture.

Yep, and hewe I am again on anudder dawwe...I wiked being on de dawws because eveweewon waz sqeewwin becaws dey tot I waz so cute... and dey waz wite!! I am cute...mega cute!!

And hewe we awe wooking fwom de cassoh wawws down at de city...yoo can't wewwy see duh wivah, but I fink yoo can see de bwidge cawwed Checkoff (Cechuv) bwidge...and just bewowe is de pwetty gawden cawwed Wawwenstein (Wallenstein) Gawden. Waaaay back in de backgwound is de ugwee mahdewn Geezkov (Zizkov) Tawah which was biwded by de communists to bwok out aww wadio and tewevision waves from coming into de dis countwy. (Isn't dat just awful!?) But now it hewps to bwing dem in so dat is good!!

Now we awe on de wittew qwattah (Little Quarter) side of de Chawwaz Bwidge...see de tawwah behind me?

And hewe we awe wooking down at Chaowtovka (Certovka) which means in Czech 'de Deviw's Stweam' (the Devil's Stream) and awso de awea bewowe de bwidge.

Hewe, I'm takin' a wittle nap again, but in de bakgwound yoo can see de wivah Vawtava (Vltava - known in English as The Moldau) and pawt of de awea cawwed Kampa. Dewe on de wite is the modern moozeeuhm and de distance is Legii bwidge, Stwewestsky Eyewand (Strelecky Island) and de Nashunal tee-ate-hew.

Aw, and hewe is de wivah again, but fwom de udduh side!! Ova dewe is de Owd Town Side of de wivah...dat gween dome is pawt of de Cwementinumuhhh (Clementinum) and favvah ovah on de weft and behind is de Woo-doff-fin-uhm (Rudolfinum). Dat bwidge ova dere is cawwed Man-ness (Manes) bwidge.

I'm in my cawwying bag again and we awe on de Owd Town side...behind me is de Chawas Bwidge and ovah dere on yoh wite is de Pwague Cassoh. Can yoo beweev dat we wawked aww de way fwom dere? I am wewwy poooped!!

OK, dis wast pictuwe is wewwy NOT funny...I was sweeping and Mom put a dawg tweet (candy) on my mouwf to show dat I was sweeping wike a wog...nohmawwee I smeww de dawg tweets wite away but becuz I was so sweepy, I didn't smeww a fing!!

PeeEss...if yoo wiked dis toowah, wet me know and I wiww fink about annudah one I can take yoo on!!

PeeEssEss...Mom goofed up and put de same date fow dis post as she did fow de Wednesday post instead ov putting de Fursday date (21 Oct)...dat is why dere awe two posts today...gee Mom...wake up!!!


Kea said...

Ellwood, that was a FABULOUS tour! We loved seeing photos of Prague. Of course there is nothing old like that here in Canada or the US -- both are young countries, comparatively speaking. So all that wonderful architecture (and history) is just amazing to see.

BTW, we just bet everyone was squeeing over you! You looked so tiny and adorable in the bag, hanging on the doors. LOL!

Brian said...

That really was a great tour Ellwood and it was nice of you to show us around. I do like that last picture though, lots!

Katnip Lounge said...

MomKat Trish here.

::checks for cats::

OMG are you CUTE!!!

Phew. Got that out of the old system. Ellwood, you are a great tour guide and I enjoyed it immensely. Your Czech accent is charming; I am a fool for a European male. I'll have to brush up on my geography and see what might be fun for next time!

Poppy Q said...

We loved the great Ellwood tour of Prague, what a beautiful place you live in and we would love to see more.

vic said...

Elwood you are a natural born tour guide.

I've been told that your city is beautiful but now with your photographs I believe it!

Thanks for the tour.

Handsome, the best looking cat in the state of Indiana

Cory said...

Sheesh need to understand the power of your cute. You knocked Grete right off her paws! She's a mess...whining and whimpering Ellwood...Ellwood...

It was the picture of your cute face sticking out of your travel bag that finally did her in.

Mom loved the tour most of all and we definitely want you to do more!

The Island Cats said...

That was an awesome tour, Ellwood!! We really enjoyed it!! But that last picture of you was the best...even if you didn't think so...

Malyss said...

Oh, yes, take us for an other tour!! Discovering this marvellous town is already a pleasure; but discovering it with You as a guide is even better!!What a great post!!

Iva said...
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Iva said...

Oh darling - what an amazing tour!!! Prague indeed is a beautiful photogenic (cover your ears) B.I.T.CH - so beautifoow that guess what - just 2 weeks before you were @ the Castle, Tom Cruise (he´s an American actor) was shooting his new film just in the same areas :) Hmmm - new tour -Prauge´s parks maybe???- including Pruhonicky park which has just recently been included in UNESCO´s care. And Český Krumlov is a must ;o)Oh - and of course - KOKO and other castles !!!!! Howf bowft that? BTW I loooove your accent.I am staying tuned because it was soooo much fun to see your point of view :)(BTW I would looove to see "people-leave-me-alone picture here one day ;o) Papalala from "auntie" Iakia

Madi and Mom said...

Ellwood thank you for the walk down memory lane.....Mom and Dad were in Prague in 1999. Your pictures brought back lots of very nice memories. And BTW you are too cute for your own good.
Hugs Madi

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Ellwood we LOVE efurrything abowt yoor tour. We love the views, and the splendid architecture, and the cute carrying bag, and seeing yoo hangin' abowt INSIDE the cute carrying bag ~ but most of all we LOVE yoo! Yoo are too cute for werds.


Jacqueline said...

Great photos=what a wonderful tour of your beautiful city, Ellwood; we are very impressed with you as our tour guide!...And that last photo of you sleeping with a treat on your mouth is priceless=tooooo adorable!!...We hope you and the kitties are becoming friendlier every day...kisses, sweetheart, you are a total cutie!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

PS...Our Mom is interviewing this week for another job and may not be able to comment daily if she starts working longer hours on Nov. 1, but we will keep up with you lovely friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sammy and Andy said...

Wonderful tour, Ellwood, thank you!!!!!!!!

Love to all of you.

Malyss said...

OK, I just showed this post to my daughter, and she'is falling in absolute love for Ellwood! her words are: "il est troooop Choopy!!" (which means in the same word: cute, lovely, adorable, too much!)
So, if ever you need a dogsitter! :)...

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Wonderful tour, Ellwood!

BTW, have you been hanging out with Asta?


Junior and Orion said...

Ellwood, you are a great tour guide! We loved it! And you are cute!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said... showed us around the city like a pro! A very cute pro!