Saturday, 2 October 2010

D-Day UPDATE!!! Detective Lolo Snooper / LiveStrong

OK Everyone, today SHOULD HAVE BEEN D-Day. The day Mom has been talking to us about for some time even though she hasn't really explained what D is. But apparently Mom was expecting something very important for the 'D' in the mail AND IT DIDN'T COME so D-Day has been postponed until Monday or Tuesday. We aren'tsure which day...depends on the post.

Well, just the same, while Mom and Dad were out of the house yesterday I put on my my Detective Lolo Snooper hat (no, not a real hat, just a proverbial one) and snuck onto Mom's computer to see if I could find more information on this D-Day mystery. I am a very good snooper...I mean DETECTIVE...just look at the worrisome and very incriminating pictures I found...

WHO IS THAT??? WHAT IS THAT??? IS THAT A DEE-OOOHHH-GEEE sleeping on Mom's lap? I'm certain it's Mom's lap because I know that pink sweater... she was wearing it the other day while we had to wait in the car (like for a million hours!!) and after she got back into the car smelled like DeeOoohhGeee!! And look at these OTHER pictures - they were right there on her computer in plain site under a file called 'Ellwood'...They weren't even hidden so I wouldn't find them...OMC! What does this mean? Does Mom not love me any more????

I even found a picture of DAD and this DeeOoohhGee!! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?? I am so worried that these are photos of the D in can't just be coincidence!! But Mom and Dad are not home now and don't expect to be until later....WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO IF THEY BRING A DEE-OOOOHHH-GEEE HOME TODAY???? Hisssssssssssssssss!! You bet your lovely tummies that I will keep you posted on events....hopefully I will have more news to give you tomorrow. Keep your paws crossed for us. Oh, and BTW, I just did a little search through the cookies on Mom's computer and one name kept coming up over and over....Parson Russell Terror (or something like that)....who is this Parson Russell Terror guy and could he have something to do with D-Day??? I don't think I like him already...I mean 'hey!' who has a last name like 'Terror'???
P.S. Today everyone is in yellow in honor of LIVESTRONG. May a cure soon be found for all cancers. Our Mom has also lost many friends and family to the big, bad C including her first, very beloved Siamese, Lao'tza. We send purrs to all who have survived or are suffering now and to all those who have lost loved ones. Live strong and be strong together and together we can find a starts with each of us and our belief that soon a cure will be found so that cancer will beome history.


Kea said...

Uh oh! This looks like a calamity in the making! We're getting a very bad feeling, guys.

Our mom, on the other hand, is squeeing like crazy!

George the Lad said...

Hey chill out, you get on with me ok, and its a Terrier, give the little fella or girl a break. Us dogs aren't that bad!!
See Yea George xxx

Cory said...

Oh this is not good! Oliver came from "All Terror Rescue"...or something like that and he's not a terrier...he's just a sweet boy. Really...when he's not being a terror.

I suppose even terrors need homes, that little one looks pretty darn cute.

Brian said...

I have heard that they are not that bad, especially when you get them young, you can teach them who is boss. Hey, you will always be most loved!!!

The Island Cats said...

Holy smokes!! We can't believe they would do this to you!! Even if that d-o-g is kinda cute.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh noes...hope you gots yourself a tall cat tree to keep out of the terrors way!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

We decided that I, Tommy, should comment today, given that I am personally a D-O-G and therefore a little more familiar with the matter. It seems you may well find yourselves with an in-house PRT very soon. First of all, do NOT panic! We can be very, VERY nice and excellent snuggle buddies. On the other hand, be prepared to be firm and to establish early on that you, Lolo, and you, Tiiny, are the bosses, and that the PRT will be your slave in all things. It's all a matter of education! I turned out very nicely, didn't i?


Mishkat said...

Darn it! Blogger ate our comment! We just wanted you to know that we're sending many purrs - we hope D-Day goes well for everyone.

Malyss said...

So D-Day meant Detective-day! :)
i'm sure this cute little boy can't be the terror you imagine. And never forget that cats rule: it will be part of your job to teach him how to treat you!
Hugs to the whole family!
Jim and Chestnut send you all their compassion and encouragements!

Cat said...

Hello to All, I wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog when Molly died. We're trying to drop by to visit everyone who offered us such comfort :-)

Daisy said...

Oh, well, the tiny terror LOOKS very cute and adorable. But I have a feeling he might be a little bit wild and crazy. Better take the introductions real slow!

Oskar said...

That's a cute litte doggie!

Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at

We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my goodness, that is a deeOoohhGee! Is that the D in D-day? This could be serious. I have heard some of those creatures are nice so maybe this one will be too! If you get it trained right perhaps it won't be a terror after all!

Good Luck,
Cindi Lou

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Thank you for supporting LIVESTRONG day!

OMC! We had no idea that D-Day meant a doggy! :shock: He does look cute though!